Radio Interview Podcast: ‘Trump, Rosneft, Russian Mob’

photovisi-download (3)edited copy 2

The timely podcast of my radio interview with #EdOpperman is now up online – on Spreaker, and on YouTube.

There are two posts of mine, which provide further information:

• ‘Mueller Is Not Looking To Impeach Trump.’

• ‘Trump, World War, Armageddon,#MaggiesHammer.’

The theme: “Ed interviews British-American lawyer and author #GeoffGilson about the real story behind the #Mueller investigation. Is Mueller after Russian Mob ‘Boss of Bosses’#SemionMogilevich, not #Trump? Why does it all lead back to Eastern Europe, the Velvet Revolution and the covert influence of Chivalric Orders?”

PS Do ever so quickly check out the YouTube link, for the delicious takedown of me by ‘Sunshine.’ One of the great advantages of age and an unshakably irreverent sense of humor is that I really do enjoy the negative reviews more than the positive. That said, I’m still open to being bought off, and going to Bermuda. I think I’ve earned a comfortable retirement … 

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