US Judicial Coup, Liberal Confusion, University Infiltration – or All Three?


Right now, I find myself at a curious intersection (for one who hates jargon, and is especially irritated by distracting, meaningless nonsense like ‘intersectionality’: if you have something to say, say it clearly; don’t hide it behind clever-sounding, long, made-up words). Where was I? Oh yes. Curious intersection.

I closely follow the decades-long journey to ‘constructionism,’ ‘original intent,’ whatever on the US federal bench. Reading drivel like that written today by the (London) Observer’s Richard Wolffe.

All the while noting regularly that we are where we are not because of some judicial coup, but because large numbers of US working people have switched their allegiance to the Republican Party, as the Democratic Party has abandoned them over the past 30 years, in favor of we-know-best social engineering.

Meanwhile, I return to university. Only to find college political professors, at a major university known to have close ties with the Koch brothers, merrily promoting political theory which says that modern US polity has abandoned objective reason (as taught by ‘great thinkers’ like Aristotle, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Allan Bloom and Ayn Rand), and should return to its senses, led by a judiciary dedicated to the ‘natural law’ expounded in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, and supported by the Federalists.

Timely, interesting, co-incidental and not a little creepy, eh?

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