Ideas to Re-Center America


I receive word of a new publication, with a back-up new non-profit organization, put together by a leading light from the US right and a leading light from the US left(ish), dedicated, apparently, to finding a new center in American politics.

I’m not much taken with labels. Even ones which attempt to sound reasonable. But I’ll give the publication a shot. I will then compare it with some of the ideas from my own non-brand, non-label, totally-labelled, political thought-stream (sigh) – Democratic Populism.

Bottom line? At this stage, in the US, any considered thinking is preferable to whining (Hillary), reviving the past (Bernie), yelling louder (Trump), or throwing things (Nazi’s and AntiFa).

Provided. Yes. A caveat. No. The caveat. That we actually spend some time asking folks what they want. Rather than taking the big bucks to spend our time just prescribing from the safety of an ivory tower in Washington, DC.

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Terrorists, Extremists, Radicals, Whatever: Freedom Fighters, or just Fortune-Seekers?


I’ve just finished reading an article which describes the efforts of Osama bin Laden’s son to unify terrorists around the world. The bin Laden family (pictured below, in Sweden, in 1971 – Osama is second from right) is a wealthy Saudi Arabian family. There have been suggestions that much of what bin Laden senior was promulgating had to do with simply enhancing his family’s fortune. Like father, like son?

The ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland descended eventually into the two sides, Protestant and Catholic militants, merely dividing the NI cities into gang territories, which they ruled with protection rackets.

I maintain in my book (Maggie’s Hammer) that, beginning in the Eighties, British Intelligence simply parlayed its considerable covert skills into making money through illicit arms sales, and then funneling ‘commissions’ back to its buddies in Whitehall and Westminster. A corruption of the British body politic which I allege has become so systemic that I can find no-one else to speak out about it.

I also maintain (and I am by no means the only one) that the very considerable international networks established in the Eighties by then-Vice President George Bush, Sr. With the purpose of running the covert international agenda of the Reagan administration. Which networks were known collectively as ‘the Octopus’ or ‘the Enterprise.’ And which networks were responsible for transformative events such as Iran-Contra and the Velvet Revolution in Eastern Europe. These networks were secretly financed (so as to be beyond the scope of Congressional oversight) in large part by criminal activity (drug-running, arms-dealing, human-trafficking, money-laundering, etc). These networks and their activities during and after the Eighties became self-sustaining. And formed the basis of the huge private security operation which underscored the War on Terror under both the Bush and Obama administrations. Into the Trump fiasco. Big illegal business parading as foreign policy.

We have Ivanka popping into White House meetings, ostensibly to promote child care. Then, popping back out to promote the bracelet she was wearing. Which, of course, pales in comparison to her Dad, who is making his entire Presidency a platform for enhancing his own personal brand.

We have billionaire Mark Zuckerburg thinking of running for the White House. Without, I am sure, any consideration of what it might do for his personal brand.

And all of this (and much, much more) on the back of the story posted earlier on my FB Page about how distressed Sir Richard Branson was that his personal, privately-owned, island home had just been devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Maybe it is the fact that my lights are blinking. And a power outage may be on the way. Maybe I got out of bed the wrong side this morning. I dunno. But frankly. I’m becoming a little tired of so-called ‘people of goodwill’ turning the world upside down in the name of their version of justice, when part of the ‘collateral damage’ seems to be that they line their own, very considerable pockets.

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Impulsive, Authoritarian Populism


Here’s the thing. Laugh. Yawn. Snarl. But the fact is, AntiFa, white supremacists and Trump are all employing exactly the same tactics. For much the same reason.

They all want a political climate where they can be free to do whatever they want. Without serious recrimination (as in, anything that makes any difference to them).

This requires that they completely discredit the notion that government works. Which, in turn, demands that they spike the serious work of the genuine reformers. And instead engage in tactics which promote utter chaos and confusion.

Go on. Tell me I’m wrong …

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Is Political Venting Cathartic?


Outrage is expressed across the internet at the (Friday, August 11, 2017) white nationalist march on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville. A gathering that is described as one of the largest of its kind in recent memory. The Democratic Party is, once again, tearing itself apart. With Berniecrats and centrists accusing each other of latent racism.

Is this the beginning of the end? Or the end of a beginning?

I do not like racism. I don’t like any –ism. I don’t condone any behavior which is driven by mindless posturing. Without any recourse to reflection and temperance. Especially if it leads to violence. And frankly, that includes much of the behavior of organizations like the AltRight – and BlackLivesMatter. If you care about an issue – especially what you might regard as targeted deaths. Do something about it. Don’t just respond to hate with more hate. And certainly not with violence.

But that appears to be the political order of the day in our world at the moment. What is important is not what is done. Not what is accomplished. Not what is real. Not the hard work, that takes years, and is most often done most effectively behind closed doors, away from photo ops. No. What is most important is what can end up in a Tweet. On Facebook. On Instagram. What gives us the fifteen minutes of attention to which we all now feel we are naturally entitled. What satisfies our immediate feelings. Regardless of consequence.

Deep in the heart of the CNN article about the most recent spat in the Democratic Party is the use of the phrase ‘tone police.’ And that sums it all up. The spat, as with so much in politics at the moment, is not about substance. It is about ‘tone.’ And to be brutally honest, much of that comes back to political posturing. Political profile. Political positioning.

I have no time for the Trigger Brigade or Call-Out Culture. Words are words. Yes, they can hurt. But they are not batons. They are not rubber hoses. They are not attack dogs. Whatever else may be happening in US society today. Whether we are happy or not with our President. Our Democratic leadership. The seeming whiteness of the Berniecrats. The apparent intolerance of BlackLivesMatter. Matched by the seething intolerance of the AltRight. Whether we like a statue or not. The name of a student hall. Indeed, whether or not we like the Trigger Brigade or Call-Out Culture. Whatever is happening. None of this is taking us back to the Fifties and before. None of it is violent revolution. The only ‘revolution’ using that moniker publicly, at the moment, is led by a peaceful 75-year old from Vermont. That is the context. Put it all in perspective.

But should we?

It would be easy to say, hey, just calm down. Stop playing to your gallery. Tone it down – on the subject of ‘tone police.’ Take a deep breath. Find common ground. But, you know. Whenever I’ve been in a facilitation, the first thing a moderator does is say, take five, vent, get it out. Leech the poison. Then, we can get down to business.

I’ve been as ‘guilty’ as anyone of encouraging more fruitful discussion. But maybe I’m wrong? Maybe all this venting is good? Needed? In which case, folks. Take a deep breath. Put it in perspective. There were no lynchings in Charlottesville. No white people have been shot at a BlackLivesMatter protest. The petition-bearers at the DNC weren’t sent to segregated bathrooms. A statue is just a statue. And words are still just words.

So. Vent away. Maybe all this polarizing and demonizing is a good thing? Maybe we need a President who is a demonizer-in-chief? If only for a while? Maybe, our society has been building up so many different heads of steam for so long now, that they all need to blow off for a while? Maybe we could all do with a period during which the poison is leeched?

Provided we keep it to just that. Provided we constantly self-monitor (so as to keep it all in perspective). Provided it does not lead to more hate and to violence. Provided we do admit, if only to ourselves, that more often than not it is just political manipulation. Political posturing. Provided we realize that, at some point, it can become harmful, if, as with facilitation, we do not eventually sit down, and start to engage meaningfully. To look for solutions. To undertake the hard work of substantive progress.

So. Be appalled. All you like. But then. Roll up sleeves. And begin to be grown up …

(Facebook comments are here.)

(This is the first of a batch of posts I wrote about the incidents in Charlottesville, and the following ‘debates’ about racial hatred in the US, the Confederate South and Trump’s behavior in respect of the same. I took the view that the ‘batch’ had about it the air of a series. So, I created a new blog for these posts, called Hate No-one.)

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Trump: Harmless Buffoon, or Dangerous Demagogue?


Slightly more than half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 presidential election if President Trump proposed it to make sure only eligible American citizens can vote, according to a new Washington Post poll.

Now can we accept that this man is dangerous, and not merely a buffoon? And that what is required is considered opposition, not just self-gratifying Facebook screaming?

We need focus on a realistic path to potential impeachment. Without losing sight of how difficult this might be within the current Washington construct. A construct of widespread corruption, or at least irrelevance, which makes the pool of ordinary working Americans such a captive market for Trump’s toxic demagoguery. Which, in turn, demands rigid discipline when it comes to choosing metrics with which to encourage those potential swing Trump supporters to abandon him. All the while being painfully aware that the Democratic brand is not selling. And that it needs dramatic updating.

If we pretend to ourselves that Trump will simply implode on his own. That none of this is intentional. That his supporters will wake up on their own. That the ubiquitous demonstration of anti-Washington feeling does not include everyone in Washington, including Senators Sanders, Warren and Harris. That anti-elitism embraces any and all social engineering exercises which emanate from out-of-touch think tanks (whatever their political hue), as opposed to real-life solutions coming from the mouths of ordinary working folk. If we convince ourselves that we can offer trendy-sounding prescriptions from the past, when there is no evidence of widespread political support among those voters Democrats need to capture. If we think that dusting down old-style candidates will do the job. Then frankly, we are as bad as the 50% of Republicans who want a postponement of the 2020 election. And here’s the worst part. I might support them. If it gives Democrats more time to grow the f**k up.

(Facebook comments here.)

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Putingate: The Entirety of Washington Corrupted?


Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Why Republicans seem so reluctant to condemn Trump for his Russian connections. They have ’em, too.

The above attached link again specifically references the Russian oil trading company Rosneft. Which I believe forms an essential element of Trump’s corruption.

However, as I have been writing recently, Rosneft of itself may not lead to impeachment, since it predated Trump’s Presidency.

But, what puzzled me, as I was learning about the Trump-Rosneft deal, was why, since the deal occurred during the Republican Primary, none of the other Republican candidates (notwithstanding the fact that the Rosneft deal was revealed in the notorious Buzzfeed Dossier, which several of those candidates are alleged to have commissioned), none of them called Trump out on the Rosneft deal in any of the debates. Preferring instead to make fun of his hand-size. Now we know why.

But. Here’s the thing. Russian largesse was not limited to the Republicans. There is increasing evidence that Putin targeted Democrats, too. We already know about strange links between the Russians, oil and the Clinton Foundation. But it may be that the Buzzfeed Dossier was offered to the Clinton campaign, as well as to Republican Presidential candidates.

I know a thing or two about a national body politic so thoroughly corrupted with illicit largesse or the passive knowledge of it that it is paralyzed into inaction. I believe that is precisely what I face with my allegations of wholesale and longstanding corruption of the British body politic with arms kickbacks.

I suspect we may be witnessing much the same with Washington and Russian dirty money. In which case, the unwelcome irony is that Trump, far from being the ultimate outsider, is, in fact, the ringleader of the insiders.

(My thanks to twinnise Maggi Gilson for the original linked article.)

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Putingate Never Vacations


If this wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious. Both the Democrats and the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are falling over themselves to try to sub-poena the former British MI6 agent who compiled the notorious Buzzfeed Dossier on Trump.

The Democrats want to find out what is the substance behind the allegations in the Dossier. The Republicans want to know who commissioned the Dossier (we already know it was, first, other Republican Primary candidates, and then, the Clinton campaign). The Republicans are going to take the view that whoever commissioned the Dossier is as ‘guilty’ of colluding with the Russians as Trump.

Earlier this year, I spelled out why the information in that Dossier, and where it leads, is so important. Since then, I’ve also indicated how the information in that Dossier is unlikely enough to lead to impeachment. Why. And how the road to impeachment most probably lies through Trump’s money-laundering for the Russians, specifically, by way of the Magnitsky Act.

But, here’s the thing. By all means, let’s focus heavily. And concern ourselves primarily. With what actually might impeach Trump. Which will not include, of itself, whatever he did during the 2016 US Presidential election campaign. Precisely because he can’t be impeached as President for crimes committed when he was not yet President.

But, let’s not lose sight of the truly distressing nature of what it is Trump did, and is likely still doing, as a consequence of his thirty-year relationship with Russian crooks.

Several of you, over the past few days, have been taking note of a link I posted months ago about the impact of digital psyops in the 2016 US Presidential campaign and the UK Brexit referendum, also of 2016.

That link is actually the primary reason for this post this Sunday evening. Please read the Guardian article. And then find the time to scan through the entirety of the attached commentary thread.

What emerges is a picture that goes something like this. And as fantastic as it sounds, it is not fantasy.

Trump had crooked dealings with the Russians going back thirty years. Whoever made the first move, at some point in the run-up to the 2016 US Presidential election, Putin, Trump, et al decided that having someone in the White House would be useful in achieving the repeal of the Magnitsky Act (if you think this outlandish, think of the plot of the Denzel Washington movie The Pelican Brief).

No-one knew for certain that any one thing would be the definitive lever or catalyst in this regard. So, everything and his uncle was thrown at everyone and his auntie. Classic intelligence modus operandum.

All the Republican Primary candidates were likely approached. Congresspeople were approached. The Clinton campaign was approached. Trump proved to be more responsive than most. And so. Discussions were held with his Presidential campaign as to what could be done to maximize the chances of his success.

And this is where the link becomes important. The most important element for the mechanics of collusion became the apparent melding of Trump’s digital data operation with the Russian state effort. Voter data obtained by the Russians through hacking US voting machines was given to the Trump campaign. Voter data obtained through Cambridge Analytica was shared with the Russians. The two camps then co-ordinated in targeting relevant voters with fake news, fake election information, whatever, whether through Russian state agencies or Breitbart, the National Enquirer, Facebook, and the like.

(Think I’m hallucinating? Try reading my comment to that link entitled: “**TRUMP, RUSSIA, DIRTY MONEY, PSYOPS – UPDATE**. The bloke to keep an eye on is one Brad Parscale.)

As frightening as this revelation may seem, what is even more scary is that the effort did not end with Trump’s election. Why exactly do you think Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is so keen to lay its hands on state voter data?

Wherever Putingate ends up, specifically as it relates to impeachment and prosecution, we must not allow the necessarily narrow focus of that strictly legal process to distract us from the much wider implications of the incredible extension of the surveillance society that Trump is engendering.

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A Tale of Two Stories?


Is it really a co-incidence that, in the same week, we have two headline Trump stories, both weird and whacko, both with almost identical structures?

1) Don Jr. meeting in June 2016. A year later, after much conspiracy nonsense. We have the story this week that Trump Sr. colluded in preparing a fake press release. Which is more real? The story behind the meeting? Or, the fake press release getting this week’s headlines?

2) Seth Rich’s death in July 2016. A year later, after much conspiracy nonsense. We have the story this week that Trump colluded in preparing a fake news story. Which is more real? The story behind the death? Or, the fake news story getting this week’s headlines?

(By the by, my take on Seth’s death.)

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Seth Rich


I normally take great care to upload my posts at times I think are heavy-ish in traffic on Facebook. Just because I’m reasonably altruistic about my motives for advocacy doesn’t mean I’m completely unaware of PR. However. I’m penning this note at completely the wrong time. Partly because my antibiotics have me awake. And partly because this story just pisses me off.

I’ve been trying to avoid it for a year. And then, yesterday, we got news that the White House may have ‘colluded’ in fake news about it. Personally. When Trump is no longer President. I’m going to write to the Oxford English Dictionary, and beg that they remove the word ‘collude’ from the English language forever. I’m sick of it.

Anyways, once again. While the land of my adoption is tearing itself apart over matters of substance. Trying to ensure its citizens receive proper health care. Feel safe within their own identity. Don’t get dragged into another war. Our headlines are hijacked by another bathroom fart from the aging stand-up comedian in the White House.

Sigh. Is any of it real? What might be the true story? The purpose? Is this one more mindless false trail we all have to follow, while being gratuitously distracted from the business of making peoples’ lives better for them? Double sigh.

And so. I awake in pain. And discomfort. But awake. Unable to sleep. I drag myself to my computer. Where, in quite separate, lower body discomfort (the reason for my outstanding application for disability, quite unconnected to the recent attack of diverticulitis – yes, my body is the physiological equivalent of the West Wing (nope, no chaos here!)). I set about researching all the nonsense on Seth Rich.

Totally aware, as I do so, that, at the heart of this research, is the tragic death of a human being. Whose family grieve. Doubly so. Because their personal tragedy has now become the latest episode in the ugly soap opera into which the occupant of the White House has transformed our national civic conversation.

Right. That deals with my many levels of anguish. To the story itself. Once again, the media are looking in the wrong direction. Paying way too much attention to the rabbit in the magician’s hand. And way too little to the hat itself. The press are running screaming headlines about Trump colluding with Fox (for which read ‘Murdoch,’ by the way). I want to find out more about Seth Rich.

Well. Not strictly speaking true. I did append a comment about the screaming headlines to an earlier impeachment story of mine. I include that comment below. But then. I did research on Seth’s death. And the best I could come up with was a timeline from the LATimes.

At which point, I got really itchy (for the relevance of itch, it is a continuation of a theme in aforementioned comment). Why the itch? Triple sigh:

1) Seth did die. That much is real. It occurred during a period which is becoming increasingly important in the Trump-Russia saga: June/July 2016. Right after the Republican convention. Just before the Democratic convention. The Don Jr. meeting was in June 2016. It was murder. There are no leads. Seth was a DNC staffer.

2) Julian Assange of WikiLeaks made his tendentious remarks about Seth in the possible context of source barely a month after Seth’s death. Not a year later. Not when Fox and Trump colluded. Just a month after Seth’s death. If I’ve learned anything from investigating weird deaths, it is to pay attention to what is said at the time. Before the spin doctors move in. I can say nothing more about Assange other than that. But, what he said back then got my attention.

3) Do I think Hillary assassinated Seth? Not going to dignify that question with an answer. Does Putin kill people to hide his footsteps? Yes.

4) Is there any evidence about whether or not Seth supported Hillary? No. Could he have been a source for WikiLeaks? The only person who definitively knows the answer to that question is dead. Could he have been approached by someone acting for Putin? Ditto. Is it likely Seth might have betrayed his employers? It is now a well-known fact that a senior staffer of President Carter’s National Security Council leaked information to the Reagan campaign in 1980, which information was invaluable in Reagan’s victory in the one and only debate of their Presidential contest. Political skullduggery in Presidential elections is not unknown. Does such skullduggery ever lead to death? Well. Has such potential skullduggery ever involved a man like Putin?

5) Seth Rich was the DNC Voter-Expansion Data Director. It is suggested (no more than that) that he might have been undertaking an investigation into alleged voter fraud during the Democratic Primary. The DNC Chair was forced to resign over allegations that the DNC favored Clinton over Sanders during the Primary. Could Seth have become disillusioned with Clinton/the DNC? We do not know. Could Seth have been an interesting source of voter data, whether voluntarily or involuntarily (I mean, he was robbed)? We do not know. Is any of this worth a row of beans? We do not know. Do we disregard it because we can’t prove it? Because the police et al dismiss the conspiracy theories? I spent 29 years investigating a weird death. When all around me were rubbishing what I was doing. Including the police. I’m the last person to ask that question. Do we dismiss the conspiracy theories merely because they are being advanced by supporters of Trump? I have a vague suspicion that is what Trump wants. The ol’ double-take two-step. Someone deliberately makes themselves a source of such low credibility that they become the perfect platform for discrediting the truth.

And. At this point. I stop. We know little more about Seth Rich. His beliefs. His motives. His actions. And his death. Than this. I only write this much. Because. My first reaction to the Trump-Murdoch collusion was: yeah, right, ok, ok, I’ll look. I look. And. Dang. I have questions about Seth’s death. Not the bloody collusion. Like, who cares? But the death? Major itch. And that’s where I’ll leave that.

Meanwhile, I promised my comment from yesterday about that bloody collusion:

“I attach the following for no reason other than the fact that my interest in Hermitage began by my reading what appeared to be a news item unrelated to anything else, but which made me itch:

(Three articles on Trump-Fox collusion over fake news story in May 2017 about Seth Rich death:; and

This story makes me itch. No more. No less. Just itch. Why? Those two bloody months of June/July 2016. Right after Trump became the Republican nominee. When he became a realistic target for further corruption. When he had a vested interest in beginning to hide connections and trails.

More than this. Once again. We have this monumental distraction. About nothing. And once again. I’m way less interested in the story. Than in questions about agenda, secret purpose, source.

I just feel there is so much behind all of this that we know nothing about. For example. Let’s say I’m right about Hermitage. Then, the following is true:

A) In January of this year, the world turned on its head when four heads of US intelligence agencies appended to a national intelligence briefing to then President Obama a two-page summary alleging that the Russians had information they might use to blackmail incoming President Trump.

B) That story became: the evidence for Trump-Russia collusion; intelligence leaks up the wazoo; Comey; Mueller; and finally the Don Jr. meeting. Before morphing into …

C) This could all be about thirty years of money-laundering by Trump for Russia. And specifically …

D) The Hermitage money-laundering pipeline.

Now. If this trail eventually proves to be true. Who would have known it, merely reading stories about that two-page briefing back in January?

From the very moment there was even a hint of Trump folk meeting with Russians, this whole fandango has had about it the sense that the entire American nation was dropped into the middle of a long-running, secret soap opera. Where we, the public, have been denied the script, the plot, the pilot episode, and the Cliff Notes. And instead, we’ve been offered trailers, by way of leak, only months after the episodes have been released to us. Out of order.

And so. I feel there might be something here. But who knows what? Who knows if it is real, or distraction? And where it might fit in? Is the story Wheeler, or is it Rich? I have no clue, other than the fact that it is likely one more piece of the puzzle to watch, to see what develops. Sigh.”

Is any of this impeachable? Likely not. The death occurred before Trump was President. Besides. If Seth’s murder was anything other than a tragic but ordinary street crime, it was likely the Russians. And we’ll never be able to prove it. Plus, faking a news story is not a high crime.

One last point. Is it really a co-incidence that, in the same week, we have two headline stories, both weird and whacko, both with almost identical structures?

I) Don Jr. meeting in June 2016. A year later, after much conspiracy nonsense. We have the story this week that Trump colluded in preparing a fake press release. Which is more real? The story behind the meeting? Or, the fake press release getting this week’s headlines?

II) Seth Rich’s death in July 2016. A year later, after much conspiracy nonsense. We have the story this week that Trump colluded in preparing a fake news story. Which is more real? The story behind the death? Or, the fake news story getting this week’s headlines?

And so. I need to go lie down again. Not sure I’ll sleep. But, what the hey. Meanwhile. I have given this story the attention it deserves. Posting it at 6.00am my time. Dead time.

Seth deserves more attention. As do his family. But not this story. Which means. Since the universe is driving me to pay any attention at all. That it will likely become the story of the century. I will be so glad when this Presidency is over. Quadruple sigh.

Facebook comments here.

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Putingate: Are we being fed a Tale of Stitch-Up?


Following the testimony of #HermitageCapital CEO, Bill Browder, this past week, there is some suggestion that the same firm of Washington lobbyists (#FusionGPS) may have been behind both the infamous #BuzzfeedDossier and the equally-notorious Don Jr. meeting. And that behind them are much the same Russians.

In other words, the Russians weren’t merely trying to ensnare Trump in the 2016 US Presidential election. They were playing all sides. Something I’ve mentioned before. Even in somewhat signature, Geoff, tongue-in-cheek style.

I offer this not as distraction. But to add to the picture. Which increasingly looks like a Washington game of musical chairs. Where the truth is hidden. Because it might spoil too many well-heeled cappuccino’s. On both sides of the political aisle. While the rest of us are fed a very watered-down tale of stitch-up.

Now granted, the suggestion is coming from less than salubrious sources. But behind the sources still lies the testimony of #BillBrowder, who is certainly no Trump crony. So. Take a look at the linked articles below. Make up your own mind. It’s not as if my instincts have been that out-of-whack so far:

1) Fusion GPS behind Buzzfeed dossier. Russians behind Fusion GPS.

2) Fusion GPS says it complied with law.

3) Democratic and Russian collusion, too.

4) Democrats –vs- Browder.

5) Fusion GPS heavyweight global players.

6) Who is actually full of crap: Browder or Fusion GPS?

Here’s the thing. The IsraeIi Intelligence source for my book is regularly vilified and his credibility attacked. And yet. Governments, intelligence agencies and power groups around the world still use him. He may be a sleazebag, out to make money, who lies like we breathe. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his stuff.

As always, keep your ears and eyes open. Gather information from wherever. And then make your own judgment call. You aren’t going to find truly sensitive information in the obvious places. You’re going to find a lot of it hiding in the gutter. Bear that in mind.

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