Returning Mrs. Trump’s Book Donation


Ok. If my fellow liberals truly want to understand why Democrats are in trouble. Even with Mr. Trump in the White House. Then the whole saga of the school librarian who returned Mrs. Trump’s book donation with a snotty letter sums it all up.  By the numbers:

1) I have no time for any Trumps. Not even the females. Although. Hands up. If I found myself alone on a deserted island with Ivanka for a year. I’d be spending a long session with the family priest in the confessional. Upon my return to civilization. But, that said, my politics would not have changed.

2) It is an absolute nonsense for anyone to suggest that education ever has been or ever will be devoid of politics. Whoever is in the White House. Ain’t ever going to happen. I grant you that.

3) Mrs. Trump may not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree. But she is the First Lady. And she is trying.

4) The letter from this school librarian is the most inappropriate, pompous, unnecessary, ivory-tower, I-know-better-than-you, arch piece of trite, political propaganda I’ve ever seen. It owes nothing to concern for children. And is merely a naked attempt to embarrass someone with whom the librarian does not agree politically. I’m sorry. I’ve been the governor of a British elementary and middle school. And this letter makes my skin crawl. It brings back nightmares of all the teachers and administrators with whom I fought, and who were way more interested in school-kids being politically correct, rather than well-taught in the basics, and happy.

5) I know the federal Department of Education is under the control of the ‘enemy’ at the moment. But when it was under the control of the Obama Administration, there were some 62 million voters who believed it to be under the control of a different enemy. As much as we can, we really do need to try to keep too much politics out of the classroom. There is a time and a place. And on this occasion, under this Administration, their Department of Education signed off on Seuss, and signed off on the schools to which the books were being sent. Find a political path to make your political point. But not with the First Lady. Play fair. Be grown up.

6) There are many different ways this could have been handled. The books could have been returned to the Department of Education. The books could have been forwarded privately and honorably to a school the librarian thought would be more deserving. The fact that an alternative path was not chosen. The fact that the option chosen was designed specifically to receive a lot of publicity. By embarrassing the First Lady. Demonstrates that the tactic had nothing to do with education. And everything to do with cheap politics and misplaced political correctness.

I say again. If this is the sort of stunt we Democrats think is going to win over independent swing voters. If we truly believe that these voters are not intelligent enough to recognize a cheap political gambit when they see one. If we genuinely take the view that whole swathes of voters are suddenly going to feel safer with an overactive, Democratic, Seuss Policewoman than with Betsy DeVos (as obnoxious as she is), then there is next to no chance we will ever gain the trust of the voters we require. And we deserve to lose in 2018 and 2020.

We progressives need dramatically to grow up. And to do so fast. Besides, I was raised on Dr. Seuss. It really is time to give the whole trigger, call-out, over-hyped snowflake thing a rest.

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