‘American Made’: Why Clinton Lost in 2016


Ok. It took me a while. But this movie is about Barry Seal? For real?! The same Barry Seal who was at the heart of the dirty deal Bill Clinton did with the CIA when he was Governor of Arkansas? Apparently so. But, very considerable sanitized.

Which is my allusion to Hillary. The fact that the Clintons got up to this kind of s**t. And then thought no-one would ever notice the trail of crap they left behind them. Not unlike Pig-Pen of Peanuts fame.

The film is probably worth watching. Even with all the juicy bits censored out. Unless you just hate Tom Cruise.

But. The real story (and I spent some time researching it for my book) is that Bill cut a deal with the CIA. To allow Mena in Arkansas to be used to run drugs into Central America. To fund the Contras. In return for ‘assistance’ in becoming President.

And, if you think US intelligence does not involve itself in the US Presidency, then you’ve not been paying close enough attention to the Trump-Russia story. Or to the Reagan ‘October Surprise.’ The Carter years. And the Kennedy assassination.

In any event. The movie should be a huge giggle. They’ve done it as a comedy. And it reminds me, one more time, why Democrats have such trouble winning the Presidency. We need to find better candidates …

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