Trump: The Pennsylvania Circus Rolls On


Tom McCarthy of the London Guardian continues his series looking at how Trump supporters in Northampton County, Pennsylvania think their man is doing.

We have an interesting twist. Rep. Charlie Dent (R), one of Trump’s most outspoken Republican critics in the House, who led the Republican attack on Trumpcare, has announced that he will not stand for re-election to the House in 2018.

There is no suggestion that Dent was forced out by Trump. But the opportunity now exists to see how the various political factions which may determine Congressional life for Trump after 2018 (Democrat, anti-Trump Republican, pro-Trump Republican), how they will do in jockeying for position in this key Congressional district.

In this edition, Tom interviews six candidates or potential candidates, ranging from a Tea Party insurgent to a pastor and community organizer. The style of candidate the district chooses to replace Dent could well have national echoes.

Tom finds that, however toxic Trump may appear from reading the national headlines or polls, the candidates – even the Democrats – recognize that it’s still dangerous to run against Trump in places like Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The Trump Effect continues.

“I don’t think the response in this district can be, ‘Donald Trump is a terrible President, and you should hate him, and all these people who voted for him are stupid’,” one Democratic operative told Tom. “If that’s our response, we will lose. We might have a lot of excited activists. But that’s not gonna win this seat.”

A comment which echoes my theme about unrealistic polemic, policy and politics, as set out most recently in my post earlier today about Hillary’s new book.

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