Terrorists, Extremists, Radicals, Whatever: Freedom Fighters, or just Fortune-Seekers?


I’ve just finished reading an article which describes the efforts of Osama bin Laden’s son to unify terrorists around the world. The bin Laden family (pictured below, in Sweden, in 1971 – Osama is second from right) is a wealthy Saudi Arabian family. There have been suggestions that much of what bin Laden senior was promulgating had to do with simply enhancing his family’s fortune. Like father, like son?

The ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland descended eventually into the two sides, Protestant and Catholic militants, merely dividing the NI cities into gang territories, which they ruled with protection rackets.

I maintain in my book (Maggie’s Hammer) that, beginning in the Eighties, British Intelligence simply parlayed its considerable covert skills into making money through illicit arms sales, and then funneling ‘commissions’ back to its buddies in Whitehall and Westminster. A corruption of the British body politic which I allege has become so systemic that I can find no-one else to speak out about it.

I also maintain (and I am by no means the only one) that the very considerable international networks established in the Eighties by then-Vice President George Bush, Sr. With the purpose of running the covert international agenda of the Reagan administration. Which networks were known collectively as ‘the Octopus’ or ‘the Enterprise.’ And which networks were responsible for transformative events such as Iran-Contra and the Velvet Revolution in Eastern Europe. These networks were secretly financed (so as to be beyond the scope of Congressional oversight) in large part by criminal activity (drug-running, arms-dealing, human-trafficking, money-laundering, etc). These networks and their activities during and after the Eighties became self-sustaining. And formed the basis of the huge private security operation which underscored the War on Terror under both the Bush and Obama administrations. Into the Trump fiasco. Big illegal business parading as foreign policy.

We have Ivanka popping into White House meetings, ostensibly to promote child care. Then, popping back out to promote the bracelet she was wearing. Which, of course, pales in comparison to her Dad, who is making his entire Presidency a platform for enhancing his own personal brand.

We have billionaire Mark Zuckerburg thinking of running for the White House. Without, I am sure, any consideration of what it might do for his personal brand.

And all of this (and much, much more) on the back of the story posted earlier on my FB Page about how distressed Sir Richard Branson was that his personal, privately-owned, island home had just been devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Maybe it is the fact that my lights are blinking. And a power outage may be on the way. Maybe I got out of bed the wrong side this morning. I dunno. But frankly. I’m becoming a little tired of so-called ‘people of goodwill’ turning the world upside down in the name of their version of justice, when part of the ‘collateral damage’ seems to be that they line their own, very considerable pockets.

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