Plame, Clinton, Anti-Semitism, Hysteria


Oh Matthew, give it a rest. On the subject of public discourse in the US being distorted by some folks censoring anything they don’t like with a mindless -ism. By the numbers:

1) I have no idea whether or not Plame is an anti-Semite. Or just an idiot. Who didn’t read an article carefully enough, before re-Tweeting it. I deplore people who feel the need to hate. I deplore all -ism’s. Say what you mean. Don’t use a slogan word.

2) My source in Israeli Intelligence told me that the West would never understand Israel’s relationship with the Middle East until the West appreciated that the Israeli right-wing (which has been in the political ascendant since the late Seventies) is not interested in peace. It wants victory. Um. Anyone out there currently excoriating Plame feel like endorsing Netanyahu, so as not to look like an anti-Semite?

3) The same source told me that the Israeli right-wing feels it is perfectly entitled, in pursuit of victory, to wage war anywhere in the world, including the US. By whatever means. Subterfuge. PsyOps. Propaganda. Political interference. Whatever.

4) One of my sisters was for ten years married to an American who is Jewish. I think he may himself have been born outside of the US. My former brother-in-law describes himself as a socialist. He abhors what the Israeli right-wing is doing. He is not an anti-Semite. I agree with him. And I am not an anti-Semite.

5) Folks who know no better get three things confused: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Priory of Sion, and Zionism. Go look up all three. Actually, buy my first book, which was beautifully distilled into its commercial version by my wonderful publisher, RA Kris Millegan. Buy that book (Dead Men Don’t Eat Lunch). And you can learn all you need to know about the difference between the Protocols and the Priory, and why folks continually confuse the two.

6) Meanwhile, do as much research as you like on Zionism. That is where the aggressive, right-wing Israeli stance on victory comes from. Zionism. Not Semitism. Originally, Zionism was merely the movement wanting a Jewish homeland. For many, it has now become much more than that. Especially as it is practiced by the Israeli right-wing. It has morphed into another demonstration of right-wing, authoritarian, fascist nationalism. In that context. Expressing anti-Zionist tendencies does not necessarily make one an anti-Semite.

7) For myself. I don’t care if you’re a Jew or not. I still like my former brother-in-law. I do think Jews have been terribly badly treated throughout history. I do think they deserve a homeland. I wish they could find a way to run their homeland which did not have about it the sense that they treat other folks badly. I wish they could feel sufficiently secure in their homeland that they didn’t feel the need for ‘victory.’ Or to mess around in the affairs of other countries. But, I’m not sure if that is on them or us.

8) Frankly, were I an Israeli, about now, I’d be saying, enough already of the Middle East. Can we please transfer the homeland to southern Florida?

9) Jewish-Americans have always made the very best Hollywood movies.

10) One more time. I really am getting tired of talking heads who scream down any calm presentation of a point of view with a misplaced and misunderstood -ism. It really is the debating equivalent of getting mugged with a tire iron by a thug in a political black hood.

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