Ideas to Re-Center America


I receive word of a new publication, with a back-up new non-profit organization, put together by a leading light from the US right and a leading light from the US left(ish), dedicated, apparently, to finding a new center in American politics.

I’m not much taken with labels. Even ones which attempt to sound reasonable. But I’ll give the publication a shot. I will then compare it with some of the ideas from my own non-brand, non-label, totally-labelled, political thought-stream (sigh) – Democratic Populism.

Bottom line? At this stage, in the US, any considered thinking is preferable to whining (Hillary), reviving the past (Bernie), yelling louder (Trump), or throwing things (Nazi’s and AntiFa).

Provided. Yes. A caveat. No. The caveat. That we actually spend some time asking folks what they want. Rather than taking the big bucks to spend our time just prescribing from the safety of an ivory tower in Washington, DC.

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