Trump: Harmless Buffoon, or Dangerous Demagogue?


Slightly more than half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 presidential election if President Trump proposed it to make sure only eligible American citizens can vote, according to a new Washington Post poll.

Now can we accept that this man is dangerous, and not merely a buffoon? And that what is required is considered opposition, not just self-gratifying Facebook screaming?

We need focus on a realistic path to potential impeachment. Without losing sight of how difficult this might be within the current Washington construct. A construct of widespread corruption, or at least irrelevance, which makes the pool of ordinary working Americans such a captive market for Trump’s toxic demagoguery. Which, in turn, demands rigid discipline when it comes to choosing metrics with which to encourage those potential swing Trump supporters to abandon him. All the while being painfully aware that the Democratic brand is not selling. And that it needs dramatic updating.

If we pretend to ourselves that Trump will simply implode on his own. That none of this is intentional. That his supporters will wake up on their own. That the ubiquitous demonstration of anti-Washington feeling does not include everyone in Washington, including Senators Sanders, Warren and Harris. That anti-elitism embraces any and all social engineering exercises which emanate from out-of-touch think tanks (whatever their political hue), as opposed to real-life solutions coming from the mouths of ordinary working folk. If we convince ourselves that we can offer trendy-sounding prescriptions from the past, when there is no evidence of widespread political support among those voters Democrats need to capture. If we think that dusting down old-style candidates will do the job. Then frankly, we are as bad as the 50% of Republicans who want a postponement of the 2020 election. And here’s the worst part. I might support them. If it gives Democrats more time to grow the f**k up.

(Facebook comments here.)

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