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I normally take great care to upload my posts at times I think are heavy-ish in traffic on Facebook. Just because I’m reasonably altruistic about my motives for advocacy doesn’t mean I’m completely unaware of PR. However. I’m penning this note at completely the wrong time. Partly because my antibiotics have me awake. And partly because this story just pisses me off.

I’ve been trying to avoid it for a year. And then, yesterday, we got news that the White House may have ‘colluded’ in fake news about it. Personally. When Trump is no longer President. I’m going to write to the Oxford English Dictionary, and beg that they remove the word ‘collude’ from the English language forever. I’m sick of it.

Anyways, once again. While the land of my adoption is tearing itself apart over matters of substance. Trying to ensure its citizens receive proper health care. Feel safe within their own identity. Don’t get dragged into another war. Our headlines are hijacked by another bathroom fart from the aging stand-up comedian in the White House.

Sigh. Is any of it real? What might be the true story? The purpose? Is this one more mindless false trail we all have to follow, while being gratuitously distracted from the business of making peoples’ lives better for them? Double sigh.

And so. I awake in pain. And discomfort. But awake. Unable to sleep. I drag myself to my computer. Where, in quite separate, lower body discomfort (the reason for my outstanding application for disability, quite unconnected to the recent attack of diverticulitis – yes, my body is the physiological equivalent of the West Wing (nope, no chaos here!)). I set about researching all the nonsense on Seth Rich.

Totally aware, as I do so, that, at the heart of this research, is the tragic death of a human being. Whose family grieve. Doubly so. Because their personal tragedy has now become the latest episode in the ugly soap opera into which the occupant of the White House has transformed our national civic conversation.

Right. That deals with my many levels of anguish. To the story itself. Once again, the media are looking in the wrong direction. Paying way too much attention to the rabbit in the magician’s hand. And way too little to the hat itself. The press are running screaming headlines about Trump colluding with Fox (for which read ‘Murdoch,’ by the way). I want to find out more about Seth Rich.

Well. Not strictly speaking true. I did append a comment about the screaming headlines to an earlier impeachment story of mine. I include that comment below. But then. I did research on Seth’s death. And the best I could come up with was a timeline from the LATimes.

At which point, I got really itchy (for the relevance of itch, it is a continuation of a theme in aforementioned comment). Why the itch? Triple sigh:

1) Seth did die. That much is real. It occurred during a period which is becoming increasingly important in the Trump-Russia saga: June/July 2016. Right after the Republican convention. Just before the Democratic convention. The Don Jr. meeting was in June 2016. It was murder. There are no leads. Seth was a DNC staffer.

2) Julian Assange of WikiLeaks made his tendentious remarks about Seth in the possible context of source barely a month after Seth’s death. Not a year later. Not when Fox and Trump colluded. Just a month after Seth’s death. If I’ve learned anything from investigating weird deaths, it is to pay attention to what is said at the time. Before the spin doctors move in. I can say nothing more about Assange other than that. But, what he said back then got my attention.

3) Do I think Hillary assassinated Seth? Not going to dignify that question with an answer. Does Putin kill people to hide his footsteps? Yes.

4) Is there any evidence about whether or not Seth supported Hillary? No. Could he have been a source for WikiLeaks? The only person who definitively knows the answer to that question is dead. Could he have been approached by someone acting for Putin? Ditto. Is it likely Seth might have betrayed his employers? It is now a well-known fact that a senior staffer of President Carter’s National Security Council leaked information to the Reagan campaign in 1980, which information was invaluable in Reagan’s victory in the one and only debate of their Presidential contest. Political skullduggery in Presidential elections is not unknown. Does such skullduggery ever lead to death? Well. Has such potential skullduggery ever involved a man like Putin?

5) Seth Rich was the DNC Voter-Expansion Data Director. It is suggested (no more than that) that he might have been undertaking an investigation into alleged voter fraud during the Democratic Primary. The DNC Chair was forced to resign over allegations that the DNC favored Clinton over Sanders during the Primary. Could Seth have become disillusioned with Clinton/the DNC? We do not know. Could Seth have been an interesting source of voter data, whether voluntarily or involuntarily (I mean, he was robbed)? We do not know. Is any of this worth a row of beans? We do not know. Do we disregard it because we can’t prove it? Because the police et al dismiss the conspiracy theories? I spent 29 years investigating a weird death. When all around me were rubbishing what I was doing. Including the police. I’m the last person to ask that question. Do we dismiss the conspiracy theories merely because they are being advanced by supporters of Trump? I have a vague suspicion that is what Trump wants. The ol’ double-take two-step. Someone deliberately makes themselves a source of such low credibility that they become the perfect platform for discrediting the truth.

And. At this point. I stop. We know little more about Seth Rich. His beliefs. His motives. His actions. And his death. Than this. I only write this much. Because. My first reaction to the Trump-Murdoch collusion was: yeah, right, ok, ok, I’ll look. I look. And. Dang. I have questions about Seth’s death. Not the bloody collusion. Like, who cares? But the death? Major itch. And that’s where I’ll leave that.

Meanwhile, I promised my comment from yesterday about that bloody collusion:

“I attach the following for no reason other than the fact that my interest in Hermitage began by my reading what appeared to be a news item unrelated to anything else, but which made me itch:

(Three articles on Trump-Fox collusion over fake news story in May 2017 about Seth Rich death:; and

This story makes me itch. No more. No less. Just itch. Why? Those two bloody months of June/July 2016. Right after Trump became the Republican nominee. When he became a realistic target for further corruption. When he had a vested interest in beginning to hide connections and trails.

More than this. Once again. We have this monumental distraction. About nothing. And once again. I’m way less interested in the story. Than in questions about agenda, secret purpose, source.

I just feel there is so much behind all of this that we know nothing about. For example. Let’s say I’m right about Hermitage. Then, the following is true:

A) In January of this year, the world turned on its head when four heads of US intelligence agencies appended to a national intelligence briefing to then President Obama a two-page summary alleging that the Russians had information they might use to blackmail incoming President Trump.

B) That story became: the evidence for Trump-Russia collusion; intelligence leaks up the wazoo; Comey; Mueller; and finally the Don Jr. meeting. Before morphing into …

C) This could all be about thirty years of money-laundering by Trump for Russia. And specifically …

D) The Hermitage money-laundering pipeline.

Now. If this trail eventually proves to be true. Who would have known it, merely reading stories about that two-page briefing back in January?

From the very moment there was even a hint of Trump folk meeting with Russians, this whole fandango has had about it the sense that the entire American nation was dropped into the middle of a long-running, secret soap opera. Where we, the public, have been denied the script, the plot, the pilot episode, and the Cliff Notes. And instead, we’ve been offered trailers, by way of leak, only months after the episodes have been released to us. Out of order.

And so. I feel there might be something here. But who knows what? Who knows if it is real, or distraction? And where it might fit in? Is the story Wheeler, or is it Rich? I have no clue, other than the fact that it is likely one more piece of the puzzle to watch, to see what develops. Sigh.”

Is any of this impeachable? Likely not. The death occurred before Trump was President. Besides. If Seth’s murder was anything other than a tragic but ordinary street crime, it was likely the Russians. And we’ll never be able to prove it. Plus, faking a news story is not a high crime.

One last point. Is it really a co-incidence that, in the same week, we have two headline stories, both weird and whacko, both with almost identical structures?

I) Don Jr. meeting in June 2016. A year later, after much conspiracy nonsense. We have the story this week that Trump colluded in preparing a fake press release. Which is more real? The story behind the meeting? Or, the fake press release getting this week’s headlines?

II) Seth Rich’s death in July 2016. A year later, after much conspiracy nonsense. We have the story this week that Trump colluded in preparing a fake news story. Which is more real? The story behind the death? Or, the fake news story getting this week’s headlines?

And so. I need to go lie down again. Not sure I’ll sleep. But, what the hey. Meanwhile. I have given this story the attention it deserves. Posting it at 6.00am my time. Dead time.

Seth deserves more attention. As do his family. But not this story. Which means. Since the universe is driving me to pay any attention at all. That it will likely become the story of the century. I will be so glad when this Presidency is over. Quadruple sigh.

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