Putingate: The Entirety of Washington Corrupted?


Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Why Republicans seem so reluctant to condemn Trump for his Russian connections. They have ’em, too.

The above attached link again specifically references the Russian oil trading company Rosneft. Which I believe forms an essential element of Trump’s corruption.

However, as I have been writing recently, Rosneft of itself may not lead to impeachment, since it predated Trump’s Presidency.

But, what puzzled me, as I was learning about the Trump-Rosneft deal, was why, since the deal occurred during the Republican Primary, none of the other Republican candidates (notwithstanding the fact that the Rosneft deal was revealed in the notorious Buzzfeed Dossier, which several of those candidates are alleged to have commissioned), none of them called Trump out on the Rosneft deal in any of the debates. Preferring instead to make fun of his hand-size. Now we know why.

But. Here’s the thing. Russian largesse was not limited to the Republicans. There is increasing evidence that Putin targeted Democrats, too. We already know about strange links between the Russians, oil and the Clinton Foundation. But it may be that the Buzzfeed Dossier was offered to the Clinton campaign, as well as to Republican Presidential candidates.

I know a thing or two about a national body politic so thoroughly corrupted with illicit largesse or the passive knowledge of it that it is paralyzed into inaction. I believe that is precisely what I face with my allegations of wholesale and longstanding corruption of the British body politic with arms kickbacks.

I suspect we may be witnessing much the same with Washington and Russian dirty money. In which case, the unwelcome irony is that Trump, far from being the ultimate outsider, is, in fact, the ringleader of the insiders.

(My thanks to twinnise Maggi Gilson for the original linked article.)

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