Putingate Never Vacations


If this wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious. Both the Democrats and the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are falling over themselves to try to sub-poena the former British MI6 agent who compiled the notorious Buzzfeed Dossier on Trump.

The Democrats want to find out what is the substance behind the allegations in the Dossier. The Republicans want to know who commissioned the Dossier (we already know it was, first, other Republican Primary candidates, and then, the Clinton campaign). The Republicans are going to take the view that whoever commissioned the Dossier is as ‘guilty’ of colluding with the Russians as Trump.

Earlier this year, I spelled out why the information in that Dossier, and where it leads, is so important. Since then, I’ve also indicated how the information in that Dossier is unlikely enough to lead to impeachment. Why. And how the road to impeachment most probably lies through Trump’s money-laundering for the Russians, specifically, by way of the Magnitsky Act.

But, here’s the thing. By all means, let’s focus heavily. And concern ourselves primarily. With what actually might impeach Trump. Which will not include, of itself, whatever he did during the 2016 US Presidential election campaign. Precisely because he can’t be impeached as President for crimes committed when he was not yet President.

But, let’s not lose sight of the truly distressing nature of what it is Trump did, and is likely still doing, as a consequence of his thirty-year relationship with Russian crooks.

Several of you, over the past few days, have been taking note of a link I posted months ago about the impact of digital psyops in the 2016 US Presidential campaign and the UK Brexit referendum, also of 2016.

That link is actually the primary reason for this post this Sunday evening. Please read the Guardian article. And then find the time to scan through the entirety of the attached commentary thread.

What emerges is a picture that goes something like this. And as fantastic as it sounds, it is not fantasy.

Trump had crooked dealings with the Russians going back thirty years. Whoever made the first move, at some point in the run-up to the 2016 US Presidential election, Putin, Trump, et al decided that having someone in the White House would be useful in achieving the repeal of the Magnitsky Act (if you think this outlandish, think of the plot of the Denzel Washington movie The Pelican Brief).

No-one knew for certain that any one thing would be the definitive lever or catalyst in this regard. So, everything and his uncle was thrown at everyone and his auntie. Classic intelligence modus operandum.

All the Republican Primary candidates were likely approached. Congresspeople were approached. The Clinton campaign was approached. Trump proved to be more responsive than most. And so. Discussions were held with his Presidential campaign as to what could be done to maximize the chances of his success.

And this is where the link becomes important. The most important element for the mechanics of collusion became the apparent melding of Trump’s digital data operation with the Russian state effort. Voter data obtained by the Russians through hacking US voting machines was given to the Trump campaign. Voter data obtained through Cambridge Analytica was shared with the Russians. The two camps then co-ordinated in targeting relevant voters with fake news, fake election information, whatever, whether through Russian state agencies or Breitbart, the National Enquirer, Facebook, and the like.

(Think I’m hallucinating? Try reading my comment to that link entitled: “**TRUMP, RUSSIA, DIRTY MONEY, PSYOPS – UPDATE**. The bloke to keep an eye on is one Brad Parscale.)

As frightening as this revelation may seem, what is even more scary is that the effort did not end with Trump’s election. Why exactly do you think Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is so keen to lay its hands on state voter data?

Wherever Putingate ends up, specifically as it relates to impeachment and prosecution, we must not allow the necessarily narrow focus of that strictly legal process to distract us from the much wider implications of the incredible extension of the surveillance society that Trump is engendering.

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