Putingate: Are we being fed a Tale of Stitch-Up?


Following the testimony of #HermitageCapital CEO, Bill Browder, this past week, there is some suggestion that the same firm of Washington lobbyists (#FusionGPS) may have been behind both the infamous #BuzzfeedDossier and the equally-notorious Don Jr. meeting. And that behind them were much the same Russians.

In other words, the Russians weren’t merely trying to ensnare Trump in the 2016 US Presidential election. They were playing all sides. Something I’ve mentioned before. Even in somewhat signature, Geoff, tongue-in-cheek style.

I offer this not as distraction. But to add to the picture. Which increasingly looks like a Washington game of musical chairs. Where the truth is hidden. Because it might spoil too many well-heeled cappuccino’s. On both sides of the political aisle. While the rest of us are fed a very watered-down tale of stitch-up.

Now granted, the suggestion is coming from less than salubrious sources. But behind the sources still lies the testimony of #BillBrowder, who is certainly no Trump crony. So. Take a look at the linked articles below. Make up your own mind. It’s not as if my instincts have been that out-of-whack so far:

1) Fusion GPS behind Buzzfeed dossier. Russians behind Fusion GPS.

2) Fusion GPS says it complied with law.

3) Democrats –vs- Browder.

4) Fusion GPS heavyweight global players.

5) Who is actually full of crap: Browder or Fusion GPS?

Here’s the thing. The IsraeIi Intelligence source for my book is regularly vilified and his credibility attacked. And yet. Governments, intelligence agencies and power groups around the world still use him. He may be a sleazebag, out to make money, who lies like we breathe. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his stuff.

As always, keep your ears and eyes open. Gather information from wherever. And then make your own judgment call. You aren’t going to find truly sensitive information in the obvious places. You’re going to find a lot of it hiding in the gutter. Bear that in mind.

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