Vlad: An Immorality Tale (Very Grimm)


Once upon a time, there was a Russian dictator called ‘Vlad,’ who, better than most, realized that, during the Eighties, everything in global governance became corrupted by money (way more than normal).

He knew this because he presided over the biggest candy store of them all. A former empire, still protected with nuclear weapons, but essentially falling apart.

As such, the biggest candy store in the world, under his less than gentle ministration, became the biggest fire sale in the world. Clearance meant ‘clear out.’

Invite in everyone with a bank account. Steal the bank account. And then launder out anything not attached to a mountain, or not exportable through a pipeline.

Of course, Vlad needed the assistance of the best. The best bankers? No problem. The City of London had been whoring itself out since the days of the East India Company. Yes. It was a real company. Not just a prop for Johnny Depp movies.

But what Vlad really needed was a country. A destination. A ruler who, well, ruled the world. The United States.

Obama was no good. Way too pure. But his Secretary of State had few scruples. As had been proven when she merrily sold her Senate vote to Vlad to help him export some of his Russian oil wealth by way of a Canadian oil firm.

As for the Republicans. Well, there were few purists there. With one added bonus. Trump. Vlad’s empire had been in bed with that racketeer for thirty years. Could either bribe him or blackmail him. Didn’t make much difference.

And so, Vlad set his sights on the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Step One. Let loose his people to feed negative information to whomsoever was gathering during the Primaries. Prime candidate? A former British MI6 agent, by the name of Christopher Steele. Putting together opposition research for a number of Republican candidates.

Steele’s focus was on collecting nasties about Trump. Ooh goody. Vlad had lots of filth on him. But, hang on. Surely Vlad wouldn’t want to muddy the waters on Trump? Why not? Vlad had no idea who was going to win. All he wanted to ensure was that, whoever won, he (Vlad) held their marker. That was the name of his game. Always.

Hillary won the Democratic Primary. Trump won the Republican. Something of a surprise with respect to Trump. But a pleasant one. Vlad had dirt on both of them.

First up, Steele took his dossier to Hillary. Who quite merrily sought meetings with the Russian Ambassador to the US. A fact not much covered in the US mainstream media. Hillary would serve well as a catch. She knew that money greased the wheels. Her bark would turn out to be much worse than her bite. As it had done when she was US Secretary of State.

Overtures were made to Trump. He bit. And arrangements were made with him. Possibly an even better catch. Trump had never pretended that his motives were much removed from profit. As had become clear over decades of his laundering illicit cash out of Russia. And had been cemented by Trump’s deal-making over Rosneft. Even as the Republican Primary was under way.

Vlad let loose the dogs. And waited for the outcome.

Trump won. And then got cold feet. No ditching of sanctions. No re-launch of the Russian oil and gas industry. No loosening of access to cash pipelines out of Russia. Even worse. The Rosneft deal was kaput. The lifting of sanctions was supposed to have triggered a massive increase in the share price of Rosneft, making billions for all involved, not least Vlad’s mates and Trump himself.

So. Vlad the Impaler. Well. He impaled.

His agencies had become somewhat adept at hacking, stealing, leaking and faking. And so it came to pass. Stories began to appear in the western media. If you can’t get the US President you elected to join you. Then. Hmm. Get him impeached. Or at least scare him.

As fairy stories go, pretty Grimm, huh … ??

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