“It’s Clinton/Washington/The Media, Stupid!”


Six months on, and precious little voter remorse among Trump supporters, according to a continuing series in the London Guardian newspaper. Especially in Pennsylvania, still a crucial swing state.

If this maintains, do not expect good news in 2020. Plus, in 2018, it may just galvanize enough Trump voters to attempt to give Trump more support in Congress.

Try these quotes and clippings from the London Guardian article:

“I don’t know what all was done,” said Jack Artley, 43, a machine operator at the Biospectra pharmaceuticals plant in Bangor. “No matter how it comes out, even if it comes out that there was some shady business going on there, I’d rather Trump in there than Clinton. So, whether he had to cheat or not to get in, I’m OK with that.”

“You really talk to people and – you know what drove a lot of people?” asks Tom Carroll, a conservative grassroots activist and defense lawyer from Bethlehem. “Believe it or not, they won’t leave Trump for anything. But it’s not because they love Trump, it’s because they love their families, they love their country, and they were fearful of what was gonna happen if Hillary Clinton got elected president.”

‘Even as they remain steadfast in their support for the president, many Trump voters have begun to express a disaffection that extends blob-like in every direction. The political establishment is trying to destroy Trump, they say, by flogging what they see as a dubious Russia collusion story, while denying the problem of Democrats they believe have been involved in alleged homegrown election fraud.’

‘Congress and the justice department are wasting millions of dollars on a politically motivated witch hunt to destroy the president, they feel, after the same establishment gave a pass to the alleged crimes of Clinton and Obama.’

‘The media has dropped all pretense of even-handedness to devote itself full time to the president’s destruction, they think, driven by a revenge lust for the defeat of Clinton, their preferred candidate.’

“They can play all these games all they like, but the Trump supporters are not going to ever turn around and say we’re concerned about something that has been part of the political process for decades,” Carroll said of Trump Jr’s meeting with Russians to get dirt on Clinton.’

Folks, this is scary. I hate to say I’ve been telling you so. But. Um. I have. We need to change the gameplan

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