Donald Trump Jr: The E-Trail to Nowhere?


Blimey. How short can I keep this? Maybe to three questions. And then, the usual five-page explanation. The questions:

1) How did the NYTimes get its information about the Don Jr. meeting, and the attendant e-mails?

2) Does the end result actually amount to a row of beans?

3) Is there any chance that this is all an exercise in deflecting us from more important matters?

Hmm. This whole soap opera began back in January of this year, when some senior US intelligence personnel decided to summarize a dossier of information on Trump in a two-page note, which was then appended to a national intelligence briefing for the then still-President Obama.

The dossier purported to be a folder of information compiled by a former British MI6 operative, acting privately in the matter of opposition research, first for several unnamed Republican Presidential candidates, and latterly for the Hillary campaign.

The information itself was said to be a comprehensive and embarrassing collection of illicit activities involving Trump, corrupt Russian government officials, the Russian mob, etc. – oh, and golden showers. And it was alleged that the information was uber-embarrassing, not least because it came from good sources, namely contacts close to the Kremlin.

I want to pause for just one moment. To allow you to wonder if you’ve heard those phrases used in reference to anything else in the past couple of days.

Pause over.

This story caught the imagination of a press corps eager to overcome its shock at having to report the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. Which is a nice way of saying said mainstream media would have reported that Putin had naked pictures of Trump cavorting with a couple of prostitutes, so long as it served the purpose of undermining the monster about to take over the White House. Hang on. Silly me. That’s exactly what the mainstream media did report …

Everyone and his uncle leapt about all over Facebook, the social media, their respective blogs, Amazon, Reddit and e-Bay. Desperate to share the awful news about the incoming President.

I, on the other hand, wondered where the story had come from. And whether or not it had been planted.

I would have been prepared to let it go. But, over the ensuing months, instead of the story about Trump becoming any clearer. Instead of evidence coming to the fore, which irrefutably condemned his actions. The whole edifice became murkier.

Not least because, time and again, the waters were muddied, at least in my opinion, by senior officials (many times, once again, US intelligence officials) affecting to have damning information. Only then, to back away, once the cameras were rolling.

I found this strange. But only that. What I found troubling was the extent to which these officials were prepared to risk damaging US national security and international relations with the revelations they proffered to underpin their attacks on Trump.

Again. I spent my time wondering about this, rather than glorying in the revelations themselves.

The more all the revealing seemed to be going nowhere (remember the Comey smoking gun to nowhere?). The more I wondered if something much deeper and darker was not being smothered.

In March of this year, for the first time, I suspected the real story might end up being about Trump laundering money for the Russians over the years.

I then discovered the deal that Trump brokered in 2016/2017, whereby the Russian government sold 19.5% of Rosneft to Qatar.

I was pretty sure this might be the story someone was trying to hide. Not least because of the possible domino effect arising from its exposure.

So convinced was I that this was the smoking cannon, I took time out to write a tongue-in-cheek masterpiece. And then did a radio interview.

Problem was, the tongue-in-cheek began to make sense. And the interview didn’t. It all got me thinking again. What if the real story was all the stuff behind Rosneft? Before Rosneft?

What if the real story was the thirty years of racketeering between Trump and corrupt Russian government officials and the Russian mob?

What if, as two anonymous but apparently senior FBI sources stated, what if the real investigation was not the one into collusion of any kind during the US Presidential election of 2016; but was actually a ten-year investigation into Trump criminality?

Then, just as there seemed to be some leakage in the media that this latter line might well be the real story. We were body-slammed with the Don Jr. eruption. Co-incidence?

There is just so much about the Don Jr. story that does not add up. I’m sorry. But it screams deflection. Um. Hence, my opening three questions.

But to what end? I go back to a post I put up in May of this year, when I wondered and wandered merrily about double-dealing and double agents. I was laughed at.

But I’m now pretty much back where I began in January. Forget what you read. Please, forget what you read.

The real story with Trump and Russia does not begin and end with Hillary Clinton. Nor even with Don Jr. He’s a patsy. He’ll get off with a slap on the wrist. And then where are we?

This story goes much deeper. There are many serious players. And many serious, conflicting agendas. Little of which we truly understand. Yet.

This happened at least once before. Iran-Contra. Oliver North was offered up to Congress as a patsy. He and his cohorts were found guilty. Then they were pardoned.

But while the world was congratulating itself for catching North and his mob for selling $1billion worth of utterly useless missiles to Iran, we all missed the $80billion in weapons being sold to Iran by the West via something called the Blue Pipeline.

I say we need to take a closer look at the whole Trump fandango. It’s possible we’re falling for a similar sleight of hand now.

But hang on. Maybe I’m being a little too dismissive of the NYTimes? On the face of it. They appear to have done some good work. Read these three articles: NYTimes1, NYTimes2 and NYTimes3.

Seemingly extensive, coherent, intense, in-depth. But read beyond the lines. Use your common sense.

Where did all this come from? What does it amount to? Tens of billions of laundered dollars for the Russian mob? Wholesale corruption of the American body politic? Hardly.

What we have is a tawdry story involving a man described as the ‘Pedro’ of the Trump family. A beauty pageant. A hotel that never happened. A small-time Russian pop star. A seedy British music publicist. A no-name Russian lawyer. And yet one more meeting to nowhere.

Somewhere in all of this there is a serious story. With serious players. Serious agendas. Possibly international agendas. Remember Qatar?

Don Jr.’s exploits just do not fit that bill. He is a sideshow. Offered as distraction. And the NYTimes fell for it. And lurking in the background is the suspicion (at least in my mind) that the man responsible for the distraction could well be Trump himself.

But, before we get to Trump Dad. Back to the NYTimes articles. There is a feature about them which is what I believe bedevils the entirety of the whole Trump investigation saga.

There is a hint within all of the articles of the deeper truth. But just that. A hint. No more.

The pop star’s father is connected to Putin. There one minute. Gone the next. Talk of adoptions is really about sanctions. Mention of Magnitsky is made. But in the context of human-rights violations. Not money-laundering.

The Miss Universe pageant. The failed Moscow Trump Tower. A quick glance at Russian mob investment in Trump. Then, it fades. While, back in New York, the real mob money is becoming more firmly embedded in the original Trump Tower.

The entire edifice is either one sublime series of stumbles. Or genius. A cleverly-constructed carousel of chaos and confusion. One minute, you see it, you follow. The next, whoosh. The carousel continues. And it’s gone. It was all smokescreen.

Now, some have wondered how I can possibly believe that Trump is equipped to play at this level. I offered the following, in a comment on Facebook yesterday:

“But. Geoff, Geoff, Geoff. Are you seriously suggesting that all of this is some intricate scheme to deflect attention from thirty years of Trump criminality?

Surely, that would require what amounts to a military-style, psyops operation, of committed people, qualified to target people (not to mention voters), with complex alternative facts, and also qualified in deflection and misinformation, and the subversion of the mainstream media? Surely?

Yes. It would. I would suggest the following light reading. Not least the full commentary thread on the third link. You can then purchase a tin-foil hat here:

A) Mercers/Bannon/Populist Power Base.

B) Mercer/Big Data/Mainstream Media.

C) Trump/Mercer/PsyOps.

D) Voter/Fraud/Commission.”

Hmm. So. Do I yet have a total handle on what is going on? Hell no. How could I? I’m just one guy. But, I can say this. One more time. None of what we are reading on the front pages is the full story. Not even.

Every fiber of my being. The same being that took twenty-seven years to uncover what I still believe to be massive political corruption in Great Britain. And it’s ok. No-one believes that, either.

That same being tells me that there is way more to this than meets the eye. Someone is trying to walk us down the garden path. I’m just not exactly sure who or why, or even which garden path.

Keep watching. And, in four year’s time. Maybe check back on my blogs. Who knows? I might have given you the answers …

(Facebook comments here.)

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