Donald Jr., Russian Lawyer, Magnitsky – Close, but a Miss


And this right here is the problem with the reporting of Trump collusion with Russia. Congress and the media keep getting close, and then veer off. The only question for me is whether this is deliberate malfeasance or inadvertent stupidity. And the worst part is that, in this instance, with Donald Jr., the leads to the real story are actually in the media coverage.

First. To the charges of collusion between Donald Jr. and Russians with known Kremlin connections. As the media would have them:

1) Donald Jr. admits to the meeting. It would be the first time in the history of the known universe that a Trump has knowingly admitted to a crime. But, you say, he’s admitting one thing in order to hide the truly damaging truth. Yes. But not the truth the media thinks.

2) The Buzzfeed Dossier, the leak that apparently began this whole fandango, that dossier was allegedly compiled as opposition research for first Republican candidates and then the Clinton campaign, through meetings with Russians with known Kremlin connections. Um. What exactly is the difference?

3) Was a crime committed? The question, with respect, isn’t whether or not Donald Jr. met with anyone; whether that someone was a Russian lawyer; a Russian lawyer with connections to the Kremlin; something Donald Jr. knew before the meeting; knew because there was an e-mail; adoption was discussed, or not; damaging Clinton information was proffered, or not. The only relevant question is: was a crime committed?

I hate that I appear to be defending Donald Jr. I’m not. I’m suggesting the media get their collective head out of their a**. And follow the proffered clues to the real story. And those clues would be what? For starters, try researching the Magnitsky Act.

What, in short, is Magnitsky all about? Russian money-laundering. By corrupt Russian government officials and the Russian mob. In the billions. Through Latvian, Moldovan and Estonian banks (have a gander at Donald Jr. links to the Baltic International Bank, and you begin to get an idea of what is the real story here), and then to the City of London, and New York real estate.

Earlier this year, a New York court case against Russian front companies investing laundered Russian mob money in New York real estate was halted. Apparently by ‘political’ interests.

This court case was the New York end of the corruption behind the death of a Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky (the gentleman whose death led to the Magnitsky Act, the Act apparently discussed by Donald Jr. with his Russian lawyer).

There is no evidence yet about who halted that New York court case. But we know that the Manhattan US Attorney bringing the case, Preet Bharara, was summarily fired by Donald Trump on March 11, 2017.

We do know that Trump, his family, his business associates and the Trump Organization have been intimately entwined with elements of the Russian government and the Russian mob for the past thirty years.

And there are now increasing suggestions that the real concern of the FBI all along has been that the rather ineffectual inquiries into alleged Trump-Russia collusion over the US Presidential election in 2017 might obscure, even upend, the way more important ten-year FBI investigation into money-laundering for the Russians by Trump through New York real estate.

That is the real story. Trails of it exist even in the media reports today. But everyone persists in missing it. Why? (UPDATE: Maybe, not everyone.)

Oh. And one more time. If you want to know more. If you want names. If you want leads of your own to follow. Then listen to my interview on #TheOppermanReport. Or follow through some of the links in this post.

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