The Opperman Radio Interview: Trump, Russia, Dirty Money – The Real Story


My radio interview for The Opperman Show aired last evening (Friday, June 23). It was based on my article ‘Trump, ‘Maggie’s Hammer,’ Dirty Money – The Connections.’

You can find the podcast either on Spreaker or YouTube. During the interview, I make reference to my three blogs and my book’s web-site. They are as follows (but you knew this already, right?):

(Trump/Rosneft/Dirty Money/Cover-Up):

(The Future of the Democratic Party):

(General US-UK Politics/Qatar/More Trump):

(My Book – Maggie’s Hammer):

Now. Interesting thing. Something kept bugging me as I was doing the radio interview. Why didn’t the Rosneft deal feel like the real story behind the Trump-Russia connection? Then, I got it. Because it isn’t. The real, real story is the thirty years of racketeering by the Trump Organization on behalf of corrupt Russian officials and the Russian mob.

But I mentioned both. Surely I’m just splitting hairs? Hmm. Not really. Bear with me. It’s a question of where the focus should lie going forward.

During my interview, I mentioned the recent article in which a couple of senior FBI informants had expressed the concern within the FBI that the various investigations into Russian election hacking during the US election might interfere with the much more important FBI investigation into the thirty years of racketeering collusion between the Trump Organization and corrupt Russian officials and the Russian mob.

Think about it. The Russian election hacking was a long way removed from allegations of money-laundering by the Trump Organization on behalf of Russian criminals. Rosneft was a whole lot closer. The election hacking was PR. Gloss. Rosneft was a continuation of the profit-making between Trump and the Russian mob.

Maybe this is why none of the candidates opposing Trump would mention Rosneft? To do so would have upended an active ten-year FBI criminal investigation? One that everyone assumed would eventually reach actionable fruition, since no-one thought Trump would win? By the time he did, it was all too late.

Maybe this is also why Obama played softly-softly with sanctions arising out of Russian interference in the 2016 election? He knew that any new sanctions might rile the Russian President enough that he would respond by exposing the new crook in the White House.

And so. Here we are. In a right bloody mess. We have a crook in the White House. There has been an FBI investigation for some ten years to that end. It can’t go anywhere at the moment, because the lead racketeer is President.

You can’t impeach the President for that racketeering, because it predated his Presidency. You can’t even impeach him for Rosneft. Since there is nothing illegal about the Rosneft deal, per se. And again, anything suspicious predated Trump’s Presidency.

Meanwhile, the FBI want to make sure their ten-year investigation is not completely compromised. I mean, who knows? Trump will stop being President one day.

Problem is, the man in the White House is actively trying to undermine any and all investigations, FBI, Congressional, old, new, whatever – cf. Hermitage, cf. firing the FBI Director, cf. attempting to replace him with someone intimately associated with Rosneft.

So, if you’re the FBI, you want to do all you can to stop anyone else putting their ten-year investigation into further jeopardy. And that is the real story behind the Trump-Russia fiasco. How do you nobble someone for election hacking and collusion, without trampling all over that ten-year FBI investigation into Trump racketeering?

Now. If there is any part of this note which you do not understand, listen to the interview. If there is any part of this note you find difficult to accept, I don’t blame you. Just keep watching the headlines. You will be surprised. Trust me …

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