Obama, Schiff, Comey – Trump’s Racketeering with Russians


Rep. Adam Schiff knows better. The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said Sunday (June 25, 2017) he believed the Obama administration should have taken bolder action in response to intelligence reports about Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 election.

Schiff knows full well that Obama had to tread softly with the Russians. As did Comey. And Schiff knows why.

The entire Trump-Russia fandango has never been about the Russians hacking the Presidential election. It has been about the still-active, ten-year FBI investigation of Trump’s thirty-years of racketeering with Putin, corrupt Russian officials and the Russian mob.

Racketeering which included the Trump Organization, Trump associates and the Trump family conspiring to launder tens of billions of dollars of dirty Russian money.

Obama, Comey and others could not, would not jeopardize that active ten-year FBI investigation by drawing attention to matters which would inexorably have led back to that investigation.

That is the real story behind Trump-Russia. How everyone held off exposing Trump-Russia collusion, due to the racketeering investigation. How they held off – until it was too late.

But, why did they hold off? Because no-one thought Trump would become President. Even now, officials are reluctant to do anything to undermine the investigation because, well, one day Trump will no longer be President. Which is why Comey in his testimony kept on saying there were matters he could not discuss in public before Congress.

So, why is Schiff coming out now? Because there are a lot of very embarrassed folk saving political skins. And someone, somewhere is hoping that, with enough pressure, someone on the Trump Team might slip up.

Intrigued? Listen to my radio interview on The Opperman Report …

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