Comey: The Damp Squib


In his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey said nothing that gives anyone a peg on which to hang an Impeachment.

More to the point. Neither he, nor any Democratic interrogator, nor any Republican interrogator said anything about Rosneft.

Until someone does mention Rosneft publicly, any alleged investigation into Trump and Russia is going nowhere.

And maybe that is what everyone wants. No-one has the cohones to spill the beans on a story which would damage the American body politic for a generation.

I think that Senator Harris came close. I think that maybe Senator McCain came close.

But. I think the bottom line is that no-one wants to know about Rosneft. No-one wants that to come out in a Trump Impeachment. And ranks will now simply close, as Paul Ryan demonstrated.

In any event. Sigh. Where exactly do any Democrats think an Impeachment is going when Trump’s lawyers are simply going to say: obstruction of justice, huh, Comey, huh, try this on for size. I mean it’s all like bloody House of Cards. Anyone still thanking our lucky stars for the Clintons?

Now, to be fair. I will offer what a panel of legal experts writing in the London Guardian think. But, I have an answer for them, too. Imagine that.

What does this all mean? It means that we’ve likely got Trump for four more years – at least. And we need to get back to finding other ways to get rid of him, legitimately …

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