What it means to Serve and Protect


Whenever some of my progressive friends become especially agitated about guns in the hands of policemen, I try to bring to their attention the possible consequences of policemen without guns in their hands.

We as a democratic society, where decisions are made by the majority of those choosing to vote, even if the processes have developed democratically, but in a somewhat arcane fashion. We as a democratic society have determined that, in a situation of citizen confrontation, we need an arbiter, and that arbiter shall be law enforcement.

Law enforcement officers are ordinary citizens, chosen ultimately by democratically-elected officials, to which law enforcement officers we give special powers and weapons, to ensure that they can arbitrate successfully.

While citizens always need to be vigilant that law enforcement officers do not exceed the authority given to them, I say that we need to be certain that law enforcement officers have sufficient powers and weaponry to overcome the protagonists in any confrontation, with brute force if necessary, if mediation and negotiation fail.

There are some who are questioning the 50 shots fired by the police who brought down the three London attackers. In all the circumstances, as we know them only from the media at present, and bearing in mind it appears that at least one of the three attackers was recorded as having a hoax bomb attached to him, I think the force employed was reasonable.

However. We are talking about the force used by officers emanating from Armed Response Vehicles, who were called onto the scene only after the attack had begun.

Before then, police officers armed only with batons struggled bravely to protect citizens, without concern for their safety.

I ask those of my progressive friends who are most vocal in their condemnation of the police, often for their own political reasons, to take a moment, as I am right now, to think of this incredibly brave citizen. Whose whole life has been utterly ruined. Because he wanted to do the most noble thing he could think of. Protect his fellow citizens.

There are always bad apples. Excoriate them. But also remember amazing officers like the one the subject of this article. Remember him and his fellow officers. And keep the condemnation focused. Please.

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