We The People -v- Trump


A couple of articles today underscoring my theme that Democrats will not retake the Presidency, Congress and the Senate with wishful thinking. There have to be changes.

Krystal Ball of People’s House Project says that we need to find candidates more in tune with the real concerns of ordinary working Americans. Don’t disagree with that.

Douglas Williams, writing in the London Guardian, is adamant that the seeming desire of leading Democrats just to stand pat on policy will doom Americans to Republican repeats in 2018 and 2020.

I agree with his analysis. But not with his prescription. I agree it is not enough merely to be anti-Trump. You have to discredit Trump. While at the same time offering policies that the more reasonable of his supporters will find attractive.

Trump didn’t gain their votes in 2016 because he was an obnoxious billionaire windbag. He won because he pretended to support policies that spoke to those ordinary working Americans.

Douglas goes too far in the other direction. Abandoning Trump. But also abandoning the concerns of those who voted for him. This will prove no more productive for Democrats.

Um. I wrote to the People’s House Project, offering my services …

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