Trump: Crooks, Credibility and Clear Blue Water


For those of you who don’t like my political posts because they are too long. I made this post both long and incoherent. So there. It wonders (and wanders) aloud, why on earth Democrats feel the need to follow Trump down the rabbit hole:

1) As I mentioned elsewhere, somewhere, as and when pain, panic and naps allow, I’m seriously looking at writing an historical novel (well, actually more of a current affairs novel), as sort of a fictional extension of Maggie’s Hammer.

Based on the premise that an intrepid citizen investigator (heck hem) gets into a Pelican Brief-like situation, when he writes a treatment alleging that the Brexit negotiations are being held up by the fact that all of the dirty money from Europe’s arms deals go through the City of London, which is about to be cast out of the European single market.

2) I’m thinking of spending my time doing this, rather than political blogging, because I’m just so disheartened by the sewer that passes for civic activity in both the US and the UK.

Not least the gutter that pretends to be the considered response of the opposition to that sewer.

Which response is proving to be an ever-decreasing circle of ever-lowering common denominators of ineptitude, crassness, ignorance, narcissism and deceit. Not least, self-deceit.

3) Take as an example, one more instance today of bias by CNN. Look. Any thinking person has by now worked out that we have a crook in the White House. I come to that in a moment.

But the editorial in a respected news outlet is still the editorial. It is not op-ed. When the two become confused, that news outlet joins the ranks of InfoWars. And no-one takes it seriously any more.

And so.

CNN headline: “James Clapper on collusion between Russia, Trump aides: There could be evidence”

The second paragraph of the same story: “THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE that rose to that level, at that time, that found its way in to the intelligence community assessment, which we had pretty high confidence in,” the former director of national intelligence said of collusion between Trump campaign aides and Russians, referring also to the US intelligence assessment that Russia tried to influence the presidential election in favor of Trump. “That’s not to say there wasn’t evidence, but not THAT MET THAT THRESHOLD.” [My emphasis]

People. This is the sort of distortion that Sean Spicer uses. That Steve Bannon uses. That Trump uses. When we use it. We sink to their level. And ordinary people see no difference between us.

4) 62,984,825 people in this country voted to put a crook in the White House.

It’s not like we didn’t see the warning signs. I mean, CNN and the like went out of their way to take freaking baths in distortion in order to warn us.

We got what we deserved. What is happening at the moment says way more about us than it says about Trump.

And certainly, the way we are responding says buckets more about us. And is establishing precedents and lowering ethical bars, which are practically begging us merrily to leap out of the frying pan and into the fire, when we choose his replacement. Like using distortion to advance our case.

If Democrats want to establish clear blue water between Trump and anyone else who is halfway decent. If we want to be a clear shining beacon to anyone who is becoming even slightly disillusioned with a crook as their President. Then we need to be above reproach in our actions. We need to be like Jimmy Carter. But without even the lust in our hearts. And with policies that ordinary people find relevant to them.

5) The fact is that too many people, too many in the bodies politic of both the US and the UK, for too long, and especially during the Eighties, when they took off like a rocket launch, too many turned a blind eye to the excesses of the security apparatuses of both the US and the UK.

As they went into business for themselves, selling arms, building secret networks, exerting influence on their respective bodies political.

Turned a blind eye as those networks became embedded and expanded during the War on Terror. Turned a blind eye as they went digital.

And now. Too late. We wonder why our governments are beholden to their security apparatuses. Why politics is now just crooked business.

And why. As a natural next step. One of the biggest of the global crooks has been elected to the most powerful political position in the world.

Where it has become apparent he intends to cement his brand, by engaging overtly in the business he was previously engaged in covertly, with the second most crooked and second most powerful politician in the world.

All of which could be quite disheartening, if one were other than an unrepentant optimist. Cf. (4).

The odds are stacked against The People. But, so long as at least some of us still have an untarnished vote, there is hope.

Well. There would be, if we didn’t keep screwing up by doing all in our power to muddy what should be the clear blue water between us and Trump.

[PS I put Hillary in today’s photo collage with a cat for no reason other than hilarity.]

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