Impeachment, Prosecution, Innuendo: Hyperbole and Hypocrisy


You know what I think? I think there’s not a blessed person in Washington with enough evidence to prosecute anyone. And they’re hoping that a leak here, an innuendo there, a shove up the something else somewhere else, will cause one or more of the Trump Team to spill.

Look. Do I think there is something awful to the whole Trump-Russia fandango? Yes. You know I do. I’ve gone on about it at length. It comes back to one word: ‘Rosneft.’

Then, why is everyone engaged in this tip-toe dance of hint, evasion, nod and wink? Because no-one wants to be the one to pull the trigger, causing devastating harm to the American body politic.

Why didn’t anyone do anything before now? Like, during the election campaign. I think folks turned the other way, because no-one believed Trump would win. And now, it’s all too late. And too embarrassing. Too many people know they knew. And did nothing. And so, instead, we play this dangerous game of Washington musical chairs.

Are we sure it’s just a game? Yes. If those making the accusations had anything, or knew they were prepared to speak to something, they’d refer to it. They know there’s something there. They know what it is. They just don’t want to be the first to use the word. They don’t want to be the one to bring down the pack of cards. Plus. I genuinely think Trump knows he and his staff have the perfect defense: you guys knew.

Take this morning. We have Hayden saying: yes, but. We have John McCain saying he doesn’t like it. Doesn’t like it?! I checked. Not grounds for impeachment. And Chris Cillizza of CNN saying, gee, you know why this is a problem? Again. Checked …

Do I think Trump should just be left alone? No. I think it is time for Washington to bite the bullet. And fess up. Somehow.

In my opinion. Washington knew what Trump and his entourage were doing in 2016 and 2017. They turned a blind eye. For whatever reason. And for that reason, what’s done is done.

We simply cannot have in the White House someone who has been as corrupted by one of the other major superpowers in the world, to the extent that Trump has.

And that’s the problem. It’s awful. But what exactly does one do?

This much I do know. You either fess up. And let the cards fall. Or you shut the f**k up. And we move on. As we did with Iran-Contra (Oliver North was an entertaining sideshow, which ended up with North et al being pardoned).

But this pantomime, being paraded on prime time every evening, has got to stop. It is doing untold harm to our government and to our reputation abroad.

I suspect that, sooner rather than later, a horrible deal is going to have to be struck. Where Trump et al are given unconditional immunity, pardons, whatever. We move out the whole shebang. And Pence takes over.

It won’t be pretty. More than one reputation will be irredeemably sullied. But the other thing I can tell you, without hesitation. Innuendo ain’t going to work. This Washington parlor game ain’t going to cut it. Not even one being conducted by Robert Mueller.

Trump and his team may know squat about governance. But they are past masters at avoiding jail and pleading the Fifth. We ain’t going to catch them out with good cop-bad cop.

Time to bite that bullet, people.

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