Goldman Sachs: Financier of Terror?

Have Goldman Sachs in the US and the Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK been shown favored treatment by their respective Governments because they are the clandestine, Government-sanctioned financiers and launderers of top-secret and officially-deniable aspects of the US/UK War on Terror?

What follows is based on the 20-year research and investigation that forms the basis of my book, “Dead Men Don’t Eat Lunch”:

Beginning in the Second World War, financial trading circles in New York and London forged behind-the-scenes alliances with intelligence agencies and shadier figures from the international criminal world to help to finance and organize special operations against the Japanese and Germans.

This unholy cabal continued during the Cold War, reaching its apex in the Eighties, when vast sums of money were literally looted from industry and financial houses and banks around the world, and shoveled into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in a successful bid to buy off communism.

Forget all the talk about Velvet Revolutions and Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The Wall came down and the Soviet Union split up because hundreds and thousands of communist officials had quite simply been bribed to stand aside when the time came.

This effort was merely the largest program in a series of interconnected clandestine activities, co-ordinated by then Vice President George Bush (Senior), through an off-the-books intelligence operation known as ‘The Enterprise.’

The intention was to allow for activity that Bush and Reagan deemed necessary to meet their foreign policy goals, without the need for oversight by Congress: arms sales to Iran; hostage negotiation in the Lebanon; support of the Contra’s; the secret war in Afghanistan; and so on.

As part of this circumvention of Congressional oversight, Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister of Great Britain, pimped out her funds-starved military and intelligence services to do the ‘wet’ work for ‘The Enterprise.’ From arranging assassinations in the Lebanon to shipping arms into Afghanistan and shooting down Soviet Hind helicopters.

Obviously, since ‘The Enterprise’ did not officially exist, funding had to be arranged through nefarious means. Thus it was that ‘The Enterprise’ became a criminal trading organization, with the Vice President of the United States at its head.

Drugs from Central America to the West Coast; drugs from The Lebanon to the East Coast (and the bomb which brought down Pan Am Flight 103 – bearing several senior CIA officers and a suitcase they thought was filled with drugs, but which had been replaced by a bomb provided by Ahmed Jibril, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command, at the behest of Iran, through Syria, in retaliation for the downing of an Iranian commercial airliner by the USS Vincennes, in 1988).

Arms to Iran. Arms to the Contras. Money to the Contras from Saudi Arabia. The IRA using their bases in Northern Ireland to do deals with Palestinians for arms, while allowing drugs to be shipped through Northern Ireland in return. Everyone and their auntie selling arms to the Iranians and the Iraqis, in contravention of UN sanctions. Got a headache yet?

What happened in the Eighties was that, led by the US and the UK, all sorts of semi-official Government agencies, criminals and terrorists found that it was in their interest to set up an unofficial international trading network to allow for the unobserved exchange of all manner of illicit products and services: hostages, arms, drugs, cash, you name it. In my book, I give this network the rather cute, if unoriginal, name: InTerNet (International Terror Network).

Of course, all of this activity needed careful arranging by people steeped in the execution of clandestine operations: intelligence agencies. It required funding by those who understood it. And it required Governments to look the other way, usually in return for a pice of the action.

What you found at the end of the Eighties was a series of scandals involving financial institutions that had become involved in this underhand activity, as financiers and money-launderers: BCCI and BNL, to name but two. Yet there were others. Those that were exposed were those that were ‘let go.’ Investigators were getting too close to the truth, so there were sacrificial lambs.

One of the larger British institutions which was heavily involved, the Royal Bank of Scotland, is still being protected. There are regular features in the UK press as to why RBS is being shown favored treatment in the UK’s version of the bank bail-out. This is the reason.

Well-known figures on both sides of the Atlantic were also sacrificed, in order to hide the wider network and its continuing profitable activities: former Chancellor Kohl in Germany; former Italian Prime Ministers Giulio Andreotti and Bettino Craxi, again, to name but a few. Never forgetting, of course, Oliver North in the US.

This deadly trading game led to the death of Princess Diana. Her boyfriend, Dodi, was the son of a notorious arms dealer, Mohammed al Fayed, who also owned the Ritz Hotel, in Paris.

In a bid to unseat the then Conservative Government of Great Britain, which had refused Mohammed British citizenship, Mohammed had threatened to reveal the dirty arms deals of the Conservative Government, and the secret commissions that had been paid to senior Conservative politicians.

The trouble was that revelation would have involved naming the secret Arabian arms middlemen, the details of whom Mohammed knew because the deals had been arranged in his hotel.

Again, since the Second World War, the Ritz Hotel had been recognized by all concerned as a safe house in which to conduct all of these nefarious goings-on. The rule was the same as for Vegas: what happens…

Not liking that sort of attention, the arms middlemen arranged to send Mohammed a message he could not ignore. In time-honored Middle-Eastern fasion, they decided to kill the person Mohammed loved the most. His son. And threw Di into the bargain to underline how untouchable they were.

The closest all of this has got to revelation in Great Britain is an investigation by “The Guardian” newspaper into arms deals by British Aerospace and the Saudi Arabians, in particular. As hard as they have tried, the investigators at the newspaper have been unable to tie commissions paid by the Saudis to any British politician.

My research has uncovered the money trail to those politicians. But, being as my resources involve one man and a dog – without the dog – I have been unable as yet to confirm the information to the necessary satisfaction of law enforcement and newspapers – although both have shown support and interest.

What I will say is keep your eye on Peter Mandelson, the new Commerce Secretary for Gordon Brown. On Geoffrey Robinson, former Paymaster General under Tony Blair. And on Alan Duncan, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, on David Cameron’s Conservative team.

But I’m getting a little distracted here. To get back on course. When communism collapsed, and when the lucrative Iran-Iraq War ended, when Saddam was blunted by the First Gulf War, InTerNet became dormant, although it did not completely disband.

Attention focused in the Nineties on providing security for mineral operations in Africa and oil drilling in the Caucasus. Then came 9/11 and the clandestine War on Terror. InTerNet was back in business, with a vengeance.

In the late Eighties, when I was painstakingly piecing together my research, I went a-looking for large holes in financial institutions. At the moment, we have some of the largest holes seen in history. Of course, that of itself means nothing.

What I also looked for was those financial institutions with holes that seemed to be under the protection of their Government. This again brought me back (in the Eighties) to BCCI and BNL.

BCCI were in deep financial trouble, long before the UK Government finally closed them in the early Nineties. Later, it was determined that the UK Government had deliberately held off action against BCCI, not least because they were using certain informants and triple agent clients of the bank (including the notorious Palestinian terrorist, Abu Nidal) to monitor the activities of InTerNet.

Which brings me to two articles, that I read to day, that suggested we are once again seeing tell-tale financial holes in institutions, which may well be being protected by the US and UK Governments.

One article talked about Lehman Brothers being in possession of large amounts of uranium, in which commodity it had been trading. I wondered why on earth a Wall Street financial house would be trading in a nuclear building block. Others had already been wondering why Lehman had been allowed to fail. I have begun to wonder if Lehman is a modern sacrificial lamb? did it know too much? Did it have assets that were too ‘toxic,’ in more ways than one?

Then, I read an article wondering why Goldman Sachs had been shown preferential treatment by the US Government (much like RBS had been shown favored treatment by the UK Government). Much was written about the connections Goldman has with Robert Rubin (Treasury Secretary under Clinton), Henry Paulson (Treasury Secretary under George Bush the Younger) and Tim Geitner (Obama’s Treasury Secretary).

What I’m beginning to wonder is if this is, in fact, because Goldman is the current chief financier and launderer of the US end of the revived InTerNet?

Does our new President know about all of this? One of my sources told me of the weekend when John Major, the new British Prime minister, was told by his Government’s ‘Gray Men’ of the unsavory activities of his Government and country – back in 1990.

John was horrified. It began a reaction on his part, honorable man that he is, that led to three separate commissions, investigating arms sales to Iraq, political fund-raising and political donations by corporations. Those investigations, in turn, led to clandestine action to undermine his influence, which was the primary cause of his General Election defeat in 1997.

I explain in some detail in my book my circumstantial reasoning for believing that much the same conversation was held with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. They proved to be less honorable, and in my informed opinion, they did a ‘dirty deal’ with their own intelligence agencies, whereby they agreed to give their intelligence agencies and military a free hand to continue their funded support for American adventures, in return for those same intelligence agencies not undermining them, in the same way they undermined John Major.

I suspect President Obama knows all of this. We will have to wait and see what history says of his reaction.

In the meantime, I accept that my views about Goldman Sachs (not the rest) is speculation. But if I were a well-funded investigative reporter, I would certainly be marching down the money trail, to what I am sure will be the next international ‘-gate.’

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