Who Moved My Spanish…?

Yikes. Ouch. And blimey, even. Who moved the Spanish translation of my Election Candidate Information?

The one appearing in all of the official Weaver blurb is not the one I submitted. Which you can find two posts along, in this blog.

The irony is that I was the person who requested that a Spanish version of all Election Information be provided for all of our work colleagues, for whom Spanish is their first or only language.

Is this the reward for my suggestion? Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut? Hang on. Isn’t that becoming kind of the norm around here? Oops. Hush my mouth…

I mean, Jacob’s Candidate Information reads just fine. In Spanish. Maybe a little bland – bless his heart. I mean, he doesn’t say anything about how and why, as Board Chair, he allowed us to get where we are at the moment. Like, $10 million in debt. Oops. Hush my mouth, again…

And the English version of mine is ok. But the official Weaver Spanish translation?

Look, once you manage to wipe away the tears of mirth, it sounds like I scramble language like I scramble eggs. Less like I come from Southern Village. And more like I’ve become the village idiot.

It makes it look like I can’t be trusted to chew gum and walk at the same time, let alone represent you on the Board of a $21 million turnover co-op. Maybe, that was…? No. Never. Hush my mouth, all over again…

Well. My sincere apologies to all of you. You shouldn’t have to read something like this. Unless it comes from the mouth of Tina Fey or Stephen Colbert. Boom, boom. Maybe it escaped from a Monty Python skit?

I’ve asked the powers that be to do…something?

In the meantime, this was not the post I wanted you to see first when you came onto this blog. That’s the next one: “Something Completely Different?” Can I prevail on you to take a moment to read that one also? I think it’s important.

If you only read Spanish, there’s a translation icon at the top of this blog. It might not be perfect. But heck. Can it do a worse job than Weaver? Oops. There I go again. Grab the soap. Open mouth…

All of which said, this is still an important Board Election. It goes to the very heart of what we want our co-op to be. So, please cast a vote. Remember though, you have to register as a Worker-Owner first. And you have to do that before October 25.

Other than that. Hmm. Yes. Gosh. Well. What a strange year it’s been at The Weave. Yes. Hmm. Hello. Maybe, it really is time for something completely different…?

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