Now, I’m Dazed AND Confused

We just started advertising for a Kitchen Manager for the Food House.

Hang on, wasn’t I told during my Food House tour that only two people from Receiving had left the Food House since it opened? And no-one else?

Does that mean that we never had a Kitchen Manager? Is that why we’ve been having so many problems with the supply of food?

Wait a minute. I’m sure we had a Kitchen Manager. Didn’t we have him head-hunted? Do I have that wrong? If we did have him head-hunted, can we get our money back?

In any event, we are now told that all of the problems with the supply of food will shortly be resolved…but…without a Kitchen Manager in place?…uh oh…yup…here comes that headache again…

Why, oh why, is it so difficult to get a grasp on the true big picture in our co-op? Why do I have to read the small print just to find out what is happening?


[As always, this little bit of light-hearted seriousness is in no way a commentary on any of the Food House workers, all of whom are working day and night, in difficult circumstances, to do what they can to give our customers the sort of quality we all want them to have.

It is merely a commentary on the ‘difficult circumstances,’ all of which are beyond our work colleagues’ control.

And my primary ‘comment’ continues to be this: why won’t management just share the truth of the ‘difficult circumstances’ with us, so that we can offer realistic advice and help?

Our co-op does indeed have a wonderful advantage over ‘conventional’ grocery stores: the loyalty and concern of over 200 workers and 12,000 owners. Every single one of whom is ready and willing to step up and help out with the current problems.

But we can’t help until we’re asked. And those in charge can’t ask while they remain in a suspended state of denial. Please let us in. We want to help.

Maybe the Employee Meetings by Unit (EMU’s) will offer that opportunity…?]

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