Economic Stimulus Check

A couple of work colleagues have been asking me about their Economic Stimulus Checks.

Why on earth they asked me, I have no idea.

My relationship with the IRS is such that they kept all of mine.

The only thing that I stimulated was a sense of humor in some bureaucrat, who delighted in sending me two pieces of paper. The one saying, ‘here it is,’ and the next saying, ‘oops!’.

Anyway, there was one colleague who had received nothing at all. Turns out, he had applied for an extension.

Ding, ding, ding. No! You don’t get anything until you file for 2007. The Rebate is based on your 2007 Return.

Another said he had only received $300.

As I understand it, if you’re a fellow ‘grunt,’ earning around the $9-$11 mark, you should get $600. And if you filed by April 15, you should have got it by now.

If you haven’t, or you got too little, take it up with the IRS. If you want to know how, drop me a line ( Or, have a chat with Deborah or Fernando in Human Resources. They are great folks, who will always help.

In my opinion, there is not enough money I can get from Boy George before he leaves office.

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