A Funny Thing…

Weaver Street Market may have found a way to deal with the people complaining about the move to the new Food House, while at the same time reaffirming WSM’s commitment to recycling and the environmental bottom line…

…their first product range from the new Food House will be…Soylent Green!

[Aw, c’mon…it’s worth a giggle!!]

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  1. Geoff, this is my favorite part of your blog so far. It speaks to so much of what I keep absorbing from people doing their shopping, who are wondering why so many of the changes in their store seem to have come about with no real warning, no opportunities to give input, no questions asked, no voting opportunities or even realistically designed surveys. More than anything, I perceive that people are concerned about three main issues: 1) that they as owners have no access to the decision-making or options-deliberating processes, 2) that they have questions about what the board’s role is, and why the board doesn’t seem to be aware of what the ownership wants or values, and 3) most of all, there is a lot of strong feeling, thinking and dissatisfaction about the diminishing presence of person-to-person contact in key departments in the store.
    This seems to be a Carrboro consumer “bottom line”: interacting with, building rapport with and being responded to by real live people in the store is why many people shop with WSM over other stores, and partly why some decide to invest as owners. I have heard too many people say out loud that while they still shop at WSM, they’ve decided to take their business elsewhere for certain items, like fish, or for cheaper prices, since plastic-wrapped pre-cut fish can be had elsewhere for less.

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