The Conservative Primary (3)

Look, John. I understand you have to get your press coverage where you can. But frankly, the one thing that caused a bigger yawn this past sleepy Sunday morning than Ann Coulter’s silly attack on you was your utterly unnecessary response.

John, the only people who care about Ann Coulter are Ann Coulter and the 1,705 registrants who voted in the Con-PAC straw poll. Get real! You’d have suffered more damage being savaged by a sheep.

So, the contrived tone of injury was…well…contrived. And frankly, we ordinary folk – your very best friends – are beginning to get a teeny-weeny bit tired of it. That is a shade of color up from ‘concerned.’

There are real problems in this country to be talking about. And I’m beginning to wonder if your avoidance of them is purely accidental.

There are serious problems within your campaign which need attention. And I’m beginning to wonder if you’re becoming…well…out of touch, John.

And I’m not the only one. I’m hearing it from former supporters of yours. I’m even hearing it from inside your campaign, John.

We all want you to get back on track, John – before it’s too late.

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The Conservative Primary (2)

Mind you, why are we even pretending that one can possibly take social conservatives seriously?
It was the same Con-PAC conference which on Friday applauded when arch-conservative pundit, Ann Coulter, called John a “faggot.”

This from an organization which had just chosen an airhead pretty-boy (“Mitt-ens the Face-Lift”) as its favorite Republican Presidential Candidate.

To make matters worse, it was Mitt-ens who introduced Ann Coulter to the conference before she made the speech where she used the offending word. Socially conservative she may be, but Christian she clearly ain’t.

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The Conservative Primary (1)

The Republicans’ Second Primary should have been the annual conference last week of the American Conservative Union Political Action Committee. However, it would seem that a liberal dose of March Madness was in the air (pun intended). And so it was that Mitt Romney came first in a straw poll of the GOP activists attending.

Despite his record of inconsistency on some social issues, the former Massachusetts Governor received 21 per cent of the 1,705 votes cast by paid registrants to the three-day conference. They were asked who their first choice would be for the Republican nomination.

Now, don’t go getting your knickers in a twist. My predictions in The Preacher Primary still stand. The Con-PAC straw poll has little real meaning. The voters were just pissed that John McCain had decided not to attend, and they acted out their anger in the straw poll.

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