The Real Question About Iraq

[OPEC Oil Ministers]

You see, John, what gets me itchy is that when I talk with my mates, who are down-to-earth working-class types, they don’t ask any of the questions you seem focused on answering.

Take Iraq and oil for starters. My mates, untroubled by the so-called complexities of geopolitics, see 150,000 heavily-armed American soldiers in Iraq – I think that would be without The Surge (“the insurgent cleaner that kills 99% of all known germ warriors”).

They see American military bases in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Taken all together, that accounts for, what, about two-thirds of the world’s known oil reserves?

They see a brand-spanking new, western-suited, probably American-educated, Iraqi oil minister, striding into the latest meeting of OPEC – no doubt with George’s marching orders tucked into that oh-so-pretty Gucci briefcase.

And they can’t help but wonder, ever so gently, why gas prices are still so high?

Now, I may think this a silly question. Indeed, I may have a clever answer. But they don’t want to hear me. They want to hear you.

They want me, as an ordinary person, just like them, to ask you precisely this sort of question in a real radio interview. On your local grass-roots radio station.

And why? Because they know I won’t back off. And because they don’t hear the fancy media asking you this sort of question – the sort of question that interests real working people like them.

It doesn’t matter what I think of their questions. Or what you think. You should want to answer them because they are the questions on the minds of the ordinary folk you claim to want to speak to and speak for.

So, what about it, John? Real questions. Real answers. Real feelings. Real credibility. Lots of reality, all around. Really.

Are you game for some real tough reality, John?

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