The Real Problem With Iraq

And so political expediency meets…well…political expediency.

John was in Nashua, New Hampshire recently. Talking to a group of 125 residents at the home of a State Senator. And attempting to highlight the differences between him and Hillary on the issue of Iraq.

Now, John has to create what we in England call clear blue water between him and Hillary on this topic, because he’s trailing a distant third in this all-important first Primary State. That’s politically sensible.

And he’s doing it by picking on the one aspect where there is both clarity – and not only in the color of the water – and distance.

Hillary won’t apologize for her 2002 Senate vote. John, on the other hand, has made sackcloth and ashes his motif de couture on this issue. This plays well to the anti-War activists. And so, again, it is politically sensible.

The problem with political expediency is that it often ignores the real issue – and even ordinary people can see that.

My favorite demographic – the boys and girls down at the VFW – know all too well that what’s done is done. We’re in Iraq. And it’s a mess.

What worries them is not who did what in 2002. Nor who is saying what now. They ain’t stupid. They know we are going to withdraw. The only questions are when and how.

And that is what worries Jonny Nascar and Wynette Walmart. What is going to happen when we do eventually withdraw from Iraq? Particularly, what is going to happen to the price of gas?

And no-one, not John, not Hillary, not even McCain, is talking half-way sensibly about that. And that is what really worries the boys and girls down at the VFW.

And John. Take note. If they are still worried come the General Election, it may well be the issue that pushes them into what they continue to see as the ‘safe arms’ of the Republican Party.

So. Maybe, it’s time to get real on this subject. Maybe this is somewhere where “it’s really important for us to be honest with the country…”

On a positive note, John, I am happy that you were addressing an intimate group of 125 people in Nashua. I know they were probably hand-picked.

But it’s a step in the right direction – of loosening yourself from the Hollywood aspect of your Campaign, and getting closer to real people.
Nice to know you’re reading the blog, John – and paying some heed. Thank you.
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