The "Reality is Rough" Challenge

John, I think real people are beginning to catch onto the fact that you are a little too neatly packaged.

You may very well be real underneath. But regular folk are sensing they really aren’t getting to see that real you.

And by the way, John, real people know that ‘roughing it’ with Jay Leno in Hollywood or Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” in New York isn’t really real!

Now, before the itch becomes a scratch. And the scratch leads to tumbling poll figures, why not give ordinary folk an up-close look at the truly real you?

No minders, no photo ops, no prepared video blogs. Just you. Being real. Roughing it a bit.

As you know, I’m a sometime broadcaster in Chapel Hill, hometown to us both. I do no-frills, grass-roots, progressive, political chat radio. Why don’t you agree to do an unrehearsed, unscripted, one-hour interview with me?

It’ll be friendly. But it’ll be serious. Those that know me, know that I’m tough, but I’m fair. And my guests and I, we have a little fun too.

I can promise you this: you’ll be roughing it for real, on real grass-roots radio. Real questions. With real answers. We’ll all have a chance to see the real you.

The worst that can happen is that you’ll trip up – and frankly, you probably need that at the moment. A little rough and tumble would do you good. Ordinary folk would then see you as a real human being, not as an advertising campaign.

Real people expect to see the rough with the smooth. I believe the problem you’re beginning to experience is that your tightly-organized campaign has smoothed too much of the rough out of you.

What’s more, the very success of your campaign is now its own potential disadvantage. Hollywood slickness, dressed up as internet activism, isn’t geared to showcasing the rough edges that make you real.

On the other hand, a live grass-roots radio interview, with someone whom everyone knows is not a campaign patsy, would be the ideal vehicle for you to rough it with real working folk, and allow all of us to see the rough diamond within you.

Maybe you’ve been playing it too safe? Maybe it’s time to take a risk? That’s what real working folk do every day.

Maybe it’s time for you to find a way to remind real people that, away from the Hollywood slickness and the oh-so-careful campaign management, you really do remember that, for most of us, reality really is rough.

Why not give it a whirl at our level? Accept my “Reality is Rough” Challenge. And get reacquainted – publicly – with the real issues and the real people you claim to champion.

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